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"One more round Y/N

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"One more round Y/N." Letting out a huff, you cracked your neck once more before getting into a lower stance as you were continuing your training. Seeing your trainer, Kai, get into a lower stance as well, the sound of a buzzer rung, indicating the start of the match. You took a quick step back, scanning your eyes around Kai to spot for an opening.

"You'll have to be faster than that!" Kai warned, now leaning his body back before swinging a leg up that was aimed towards your head. Seeing that using defence was the only option, you placed all of your weight down to the floor, stepping a foot back for stability before putting your arms up high in an 'X' cross, completely stopping Kai's leg from coming down. You saw this as a chance to make a move before quickly getting out of the crossed arms position and going down to grab at his leg, now pulling Kai towards you which caused him to lose his balance. 

"Nice." However, you couldn't celebrate too soon because as soon as his back came into contact with the mat, Kai had already reached his hands out to wrap around your legs, now pulling you to the ground as well.

"Woah!" you gasped, slightly wincing in pain from the sudden contact of your back slamming against the mat. Seeing Kai still on the ground, you quickly crouched forward before wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning back, keeping him in a tight chokehold. Kai continued to struggle against your grip, desperately reaching for your arms in attempts to free himself. But it was no use as your body was out of reach, leaving for him to tap down on the grounds as a sign of surrender.

"Great job Y/N" Kai praised, letting out small pants before standing back up on his feet, you joining him as well. After getting a quick drink from his water bottle, Kai turned around, his fist now held up in front of you.

"You too." You reached up and gave a fist bump in return before moving off of the mats and over to the benches on the side. As Kai was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something, now turning back around to see you gulping down your water before calling out to you.

"Oh, Y/N!" You paused from drinking your water, now turning your head to look at Kai as you waited for him to continue.

"Did you happen to ask Krystal yet?" Kai asked, his head slightly lowering as his eyes cast down to the floor. Noticing how shy he became, you let out a slight giggle as Kai looked up with a nervous expression.

"Yeah. Don't worry, she'll call you soon" you reassured him, giving him a thumbs up of encouragement. Kai's grin widened before punching a fist in the air out of excitement. 

"Sweet!" he cheered, now walking into the staff room with confidence. With a smile as you shook your head in disbelief, you reached down into your gym bag before pulling out a small towel and wiping off the sweat that was glistening from your body. Too engrossed in drying yourself off, the sound of the front door ringing open didn't alert you until a sudden hand was felt on your shoulder.

"Who's there?" Your body tensed up as you warned the intruder, now reaching back to grab at the arm before pulling it forward and twisting it around to pin to their back. 

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