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Kicking down the door to the changing room, you slowly made your way inside as you scanned your eyes around the area, no one in sight

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Kicking down the door to the changing room, you slowly made your way inside as you scanned your eyes around the area, no one in sight. Closing the door shut, you slightly jumped in surprise as a sudden scream was heard, causing you turned around to see Rose coming in from the other door. You dropped your bag to the floor, kicking it over to the side before turning back around to face Rose who was currently frozen in her place.  You narrowed your eyes in confusion, observing that she was wearing a large, white dress that resembled a wedding dress. You were told that she was supposed to be a guest at this wedding, so seeing Rose in the wedding dress could only mean one thing.

She was the bride.

"W-who are you?" she stammered out loud, desperately trying to reach over and grab her phone as her eyes remained fixed on your presence. You ignored her question, remaining silent as only the sounds of your heels clicking against the hard tile floor echoed in the room while you approach closer to Rose.

"Y-Y/N the c-connection-" You could hear Joy trying to reach you, only to have the line cut off as the sounds of static noise began to fill your ear. With a small sigh, you pulled the device out of your ear before tossing it on the floor, seeing it roll elsewhere in the room.

"S-stay back. I have help on the way!" she warned, now keeping her phone clutched tightly to her chest before sliding back further into the corner of the room. 

"Are you the bride?" you quietly asked, seeing Rose look up at you with confusion. She slowly nodded her head, her eyes still staring at you with caution and fear. You began to grow more curious, everything you learned now wrong as the new information you're gathering was slightly throwing you off.

"So who's the groom-" Before you could finish your question, the sound of the room door slamming open echoed throughout the room, scaring both you and Rose. Letting out a small shriek of relief, Rose hastily stood up and ran past you as she hurried over towards the door.

"Finally!" she cried, now running up to the man as she hid behind his back, eyeing you from behind. Turning around, you were expecting it to be a plain security guard, only to have a gasp escape your throat as a familiar face was seen standing by the door.

"Get out of here right now" the man warned, his eyes ever leaving yours. Nodding her head, Rose slowly backed away before exiting the room and fleeing for safety. Shutting the door close and locking it behind him, the man turned back around before looking at you with a piercing stare through his mask.

"You again" he began, recognizing the same mask from all of the other encounters. You, on the other hand, couldn't move a single muscle nor get a single word out. You were speechless as you remained frozen in place, distraught with what to do. You recognized the mask to be the same one from before, but something about the man's appearance was different.

"Who are you?" the man asked once more, now pulling out a gun from the pocket of his suit before aiming it directly at you, completely taking you by surprise. You slowly backed away from the man, your hands automatically flying up in the air as a sign of peace while you glanced around for any route of escape.

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