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"God, please don't leave me" Yoongi pleaded, his eyes never leaving yours

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"God, please don't leave me" Yoongi pleaded, his eyes never leaving yours. Moving your hands up to place them overtop his, you stared deep into Yoongi's eyes, seeing the love and fear in them.  

"Yoongi I-" Your sentence was interrupted by loud bangs coming from the room door, scaring you both as you hurried to pull apart from each other.

"Yoongi? Hang on tight we're coming in soon!" Hearing the door slowly crack open, the both of you turned to look at each other, fear crossing your faces.

"Hurry," Yoongi said in a hushed whisper, now holding on tightly to your hand as he helped you out of the window to stand out on the balcony. As you were ready to climb down the balcony to meet the van below, a sudden hand gripped your wrist, causing you to turn around.

"Y/N wait" he paused grabbing your attention as you looked up to see him staring down at you. However, you could tell that his eyes weren't filled with fear as much anymore.

He had the look of determination.  

"I promise I'll find you, no matter how long it takes" Yoongi promised, quickly glancing his head back to see the door to the change room slowly breaking open. You held on tighter to his hand, staring at him with wide eyes.

"Why don't you come with me now?" you asked, almost begging him to let go. With a sad sigh, Yoongi slowly shook his head, his hands still squeezing tightly onto yours.

"I'd love to, really. I want to run away with you and live happily ever after but-" he lets out another sigh, closing his eyes shut in frustration.

 "I can't. There's still unfinished business here." You cast your eyes down to the floor of the balcony, understanding, but slightly disappointed with the outcome. 

"Hey" Yoongi softly called out, reaching a hand underneath your chin to lift your face up, your eyes now meeting with his. 

"I told you, I love you so much. I'm never giving up on us." His gaze was soft, eyes sparkling with determination as he leaned closer, giving you one last kiss. Pulling back, you were left with tears glistening over your eyes, Yoongi now letting out a soft chuckle as he leans down to kiss your tears away.

"Goodbye Yoongi" you whispered out, closing your eyes as you felt his lips still peppering your face. With the sounds of the door now getting louder, Yoongi gave you one last kiss before pulling away.

"Go" Yoongi smiled, his lips slightly trembling as he held a hand out to help you over the edge of the balcony. Luckily for you, the height wasn't as high as you expected, leaving you to safely land on the ground. Yoongi leaned his arms against the edge of the balcony, watching as you hurried into the black van that was waiting for you before driving off, presumably far away from the venue. 

"I hope I did the right thing" Yoongi muttered lowly, pushing himself off of the edge of the balcony before walking back inside the room, closing the window shut behind him.

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