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Step 1: Inspect the area

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Step 1: Inspect the area.

Once more, Yoongi poked in his head through the doorframe from the front door, his eyes glancing over towards you sitting down on the couch.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay? Will you be ok with Holly?" Yoongi asked for the last time, his eyes never leaving yours. Still seated down on the couch, you shook your head in reassurance as your hands waved in a shooing motion towards him.

"I'll be fine. But you need to go to work since you've been missing it all week!" Flashing you a grin, Yoongi nodded his head with a chuckle as he gave you another wave goodbye before closing the door shut behind him. Once you heard the door lock, you breathed out a breath of air before hopping off of the couch and making your way into your room.

"Alright, what do I need?" you mumbled out to yourself, mentally going over the list of supplies that you needed for today. After a couple of minutes of scurrying around the room, you grabbed everything you needed and shoved them into a bag before locking your room door and making your way to the front.

"Just in time," you sighed out in relief as you opened up the front door to reveal Krystal and Joy already waiting for you outside. 

"Let's go Y/N. We're on a time limit," Krystal warned, offering to hold onto your bag as she watched you close the front door shut. 

"Wait," you called out, Krystal and Joy both raising an eyebrow at you in confusion. Opening up the door, you squatted down to the ground before quickly picking up Holly into your arms after seeing him watching you leave with a sad expression.

"Oh my gosh when did you get a dog?" Joy squealed, now leaving Krystal alone as she hurried over to where you were so she could rub the top of Holly's head. 

"It's actually my roommate's dog. I can't really leave him here alone though." Glancing down at Holly in your arms once more, you noticed Holly still giving you a sad expression with his puppy eyes. Breathing out an exasperated sigh, Krystal rubbed her temples before calling out to you from down the hall.

"Fine, bring him along. We'll be in the van anyway so he can wait with us in there." 

"Thanks, Krystal" you smiled in gratitude, moving your eyes down to see Holly watching you with excitement as he jumped up to lick at your face.

"Ok, so Joy and I are going to sneak in through the back door away from the crowd, and make our way up to her room to find what we can?" you repeated once more, making sure you got the right information. Krystal nodded her head and she rolled her chair over to begin typing on the computer.

"Correct. Jae and I will direct you and Joy to where you need to go. We just need to scope out the area because this is where the party will be happening." As Krystal was still reviewing over the small details, Jae leaned down to pick up Holly into his arms, cooing over his cuteness.

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