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"God, I hate stairs." You groaned to yourself, finally reaching to the very top of the staircase of the hotel. You scanned your eyes to look around at your surroundings, ensuring that no one is in the area. You waved a hand passed your ear, hearing a tiny beep, alerting you that it was on.

"Krystal is the area clear?" You whispered out, taking slow steps to the destination 2 blocks down. You heard another small beep before it brought you to the right line.

"Crystal."  You heard her laugh to herself from the other side of the line. You groaned after hearing her joke before sliding closer to the wall to keep yourself out of the crowd.

"This isn't the time to-" Your sentence was cut off by the sound of Krystal quickly typing in something before alerting you with a worried voice.

"Don't panic. But you're not going to be alone in that room."  Your brows furrowed in confusion. No one else should've been in the upstairs area based on your research from the file.

"Can you get more information on the person?" You asked, turning the corner as you saw the designated room down the hall.

"I can't find much information on them. They've kept their identity hidden, so I can't pinpoint anything. Proceed with caution." Krystal groaned in frustration, typing aggressively into the keyboard as she attempts to hack into more cameras to get a better identity on who it was. You nodded, sliding down a mask and slipping on the hood of your cloak before proceeding forward to the room. Continuing down the hall, all you could hear was the sound of your heels clicking on the hard, tile floor. You now face the front of the door, inhaling a deep breath in before holding onto the handle. 

"I'm going in." Twisting the knob open, you slowly creaked it open, peeking in through the crack to survey the room. 

"Be careful Y/N."  You heard Krystal warn in your ear. You gave a firm nod before opening the door further. Slipping inside the room, you were met with the grand display of the emerald jewel inside of a glass cover. You felt a rush of relief, thankful that this was the right room. You walked closer to the display, glancing your eyes around to ensure there were no traps. 

This seemed almost too easy.

"Looks like they were right after all." A voice chuckled from behind. You stopped walking, slowly turning around to see another figure. You observed his figure, noticing that he wasn't as tall, but he was much taller than you in your heels. He had jet black hair, along with a gold mask that covered his face. Scanning your eyes over his body, you saw that he had on a deep red coloured suit. Moving your eyes further down, you observed a faint outline showing through at the ankle of his pants. The man tilted his head, taking a step closer.

"What are you doing in here?" You didn't say anything, only taking a step backward away from him. He continued to walk forward towards you as you continued to walk backward until you felt the glass display touching your back. You could sense the man smiling underneath his mask as he slowly raised a hand up to your face to gently grip onto your chin.

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