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"Good job Y/N! Just continue straight down the stairs you're on and when you reach the bottom, turn left and head straight down

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"Good job Y/N! Just continue straight down the stairs you're on and when you reach the bottom, turn left and head straight down. We'll be right outside of the doors and down the street with the van" Krystal alerted you. 

"Got it. Just keep an eye out for me" you confirmed with Krystal as you continued running straight down the stairs until you got to the bottom.

"Y/N, there's a person on the left that's blocking the door so watch out," Krystal warned, noticing the presence of another figure making their way over to the door. With Krystal's warning, you kept your guard up as you could see another person guarding the door while you were approaching closer.

"Hey!" the man shouted as he turned around to see you running in his direction. Upon his shout, you stopped running, letting out tired pants as you looked around your surroundings. 

"God, there's more of you?" you groaned out, squeezing your eyes shut in frustration. You just wanted the day to be over so you could go back home to sleep in peace. The man lets out a low chuckle, slowly cracking his neck from side to side with a grin before adjusting his mask.

"You're pretty wild to be sneaking around at an important party like this huh?" the man confessed, walking closer as you continued to stand still. Looking up, the man had already made his way to stand right in front of you, meeting your face with his. You were expecting him to initiate a battle right away, however, he did the opposite and lifted an arm up before moving his hand to slowly caress at your face.

"Even if I can't see your face, you seem a little familiar," he mumbled out, still peering down at you with curiosity. His fingers carefully stroke your cheek before making their way down to your chin. His thumb was lightly pressing against the bottom of your lip, watching in amusement as you pulled your chin away from his hand, looking behind him at the door that leads to the exit.

"Look, I don't have the time for this." Kicking off your heels, you kicked up at the man's chest before running past him, his arm barely passing yours as you run further away from him and out the door.

"J-Hope, don't let her escape!" Hearing another voice from behind, you glanced back to see Suga running as fast as he could down the stairs before J-Hope was hurrying over to his side. Noticing that Suga was tightly clutching against his chest, J-Hope was immediately filled with concern. 

"Are you ok?" he asked, now hurrying over to his side before wrapping an arm around his waist while Suga wraps an arm around J-Hope's shoulder for support. 

"I'm fine. It's the bruises they're stinging again," he groaned out, the both of them walking as fast as they could to the door to catch up to where you were. 

"Don't worry, RM is on the side with the car," J-Hope assured him, opening up the door for the both of them to exit through. After a couple of steps, they saw a black car speeding up before parking right in front of them, the window rolling down to reveal RM giving them a smirk.

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