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Step 2: Gather Information

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Step 2: Gather Information.

For the past couple of days, you and Yoongi still haven't had an actual conversation together. With you feeling too awkward and Yoongi being too shy, it was no doubt either of you could get more than a sentence out to each other before awkwardly avoiding one another.

"So, he's actually dating Rose?" Joy asked with surprise before shifting into a more comfortable position on your bed. You sadly nodded your head, glancing your eyes elsewhere.

"I guess so. I just thought me and him had something special." Seeing your usual cheery mood now replaced with sadness, Joy leaned over to wrap her arms around you in comfort. She knew how vulnerable you could be with love, and it sucked that it had to happen again.

"But also, Hoseok confessed to you too?" Joy questioned out loud, her brows raising up at you as you let out a groan before falling down on your bed.

"I know, there's just too much happening now" you paused, sitting back up to look at Joy.

"Let's move onto the topic for tonight." Nodding her head, Joy reached over to grab her pad before unlocking it.

"So, tonight is the casino party where many regular guests, along with large name corporations will be there." She continued to go through the little details such as location, types of guests, their relationship with each other and etc.

"We just need to figure out their information to be able to ruin the alliances" you finished, the plan now clicking together.

"Correct, so here are some of the pictures of them." Joy reached down to grab her tablet before swiping through each picture and their information.

"Easy enough right?" she asked, turning her head to look at you. With a confident smile, you gave Joy a firm nod.

"Let's do this."

Applying the last touch of your lipstick, you checked yourself in the mirror one last time. With your hair now sleek straight, along with curling your beautiful wispy lashes, you flattened out your long red sequined dress with your hand before fixing the sleeve that hung off of your shoulders.

"Man, where can I conceal this?" you mumbled to yourself, holding up a small gun in your hand. You reached down into your drawer, pulling out a garter before sliding it up your leg and onto your thigh. Skillfully placing it inside of the garter, you let out a satisfied hum before hearing a knock coming from your front door. 

Quickly walking over, you opened the door to reveal Hoseok leaning against the door frame, dressed in a long dark purple velvet attire that was layered on top of a white buttoned up shirt and trousers. On the bridge of his nose rested a pair of circular vintage glasses, while his hair was neatly parted into a side part.

"You cleaned up well" you teased, bringing Hoseok's attention towards you.

"Woah," he paused, scanning his eyes on your body before unconsciously biting his lip.

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