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Hi everyone!

Honestly from the bottom of my heart, I'm super sorry with how long it took to finish this story. I honestly had planned to finish this during the summer, but I slowly lost motivation for writing, along with the stress of entering University as well.

But with the weeks slowly passing by, along with my reading week happening now, I saw so many readers showing love to this story, I felt horrible for leaving it handing at the very last chapter. 

In all honesty, the last chapter could've been better, but I'm happy that I found the motivation now to finish it!

A big shout out to my friends for helping me with being motivated (I pestered one of them about this for days now), along with you guys, the readers, for taking the time to read this story!

I'm slowly gaining the motivation to write again, and hopefully, when I find the time from the stressful uni schedule, I can continue bringing out more stories!

Thank you all so much for the love, patience and support again, and I will FOR SURE be making a return!

~ Mohogirl ♡

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