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Opening up the door to the apartment, Holly ran in as fast as he could with Yoongi trailing along behind

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Opening up the door to the apartment, Holly ran in as fast as he could with Yoongi trailing along behind. He quickly slipped off his shoes and placed them on the rack before hurriedly making his way over into the living room.

"Finally," Yoongi groaned out in exhaustion as he dived down onto the couch, slowly wriggling his way into a comfortable position. With a small chuckle, you soon followed and slipped off your shoes before placing them on the rack beside Yoongi's. You then headed over into your room to place your bag away into the closet before stepping out and passing by the living room to head into the kitchen. Looking through inside the opened freezer, you let out a sigh of relief at the sight of an ice pack as you grabbed it from the shelf and placed it down on the table for later. As you closed the fridge shut, you grabbed onto the ice pack before making your way into the shared bathroom, opening up the cabinets to grab the medium-size first aid kit.

"I got the stuff," you announced from the bathroom, making Yoongi perked his head up in confusion. He then watched as you exited the bathroom with an ice pack and a first aid kit in your hands, eyeing it carefully.

"Alright Yoongi, sit up" you ordered, giving light pats on Yoongi's body as you set the supplies down before sitting on the table across from the couch. After a few seconds of contemplating, he eventually gave in and sat up straight, turning around to face his body towards you.

"What's that for?" Yoongi questioned, raising an eyebrow in confusion towards the kit sitting down beside you.

"Your injuries, obviously" you replied,  hinting towards all of the bruises and scratches left on him. Yoongi shook his head, attempting to give you a reassuring smile.

"I'm fine," Yoongi remarked, assuring you that he wasn't in any pain. But as soon as he stood up from the couch, a sudden sharp pain had settled in as he lets out a grunt before sitting back down with a plop. Worry fills your eyes as you hurried over to Yoongi's side, hoping he didn't injure himself any further.

"Alright tough guy, let's treat your injuries." With a sigh, Yoongi continued to sit on the couch in silence to allow you to treat him. He watched from behind as you opened up the kit to unveil all of the supplies, ranging from bandages to cotton pads to ointments and painkillers. Yoongi placed a hand overtop his chest, knowing that the tingling feeling wasn't the pain from the fight, but a warm sensation caused by your genuine kindness towards him.

"I'm going to apply some disinfectant to clean up the wounds to prevent any infections," you began, grabbing the disinfectant and cotton pads out of the kit before turning around to face Yoongi. With a nervous glance, Yoongi nodded his head before slowly removing his sweater off of his body until he was down to a tank top. You glanced your eyes over his neck and arms, along with his lip as you slightly cringed to yourself at how painful the bruises and scratches were beginning to look. As much as you felt so grateful for Yoongi's help against the thieves, a feeling of guilt washed over you as you knew that Yoongi got hurt because of one bag.

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