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"I'll see you!" Just as Joy was leaving through the front door, she turned her body around, ready to walk forward until two sudden figures collided into her

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"I'll see you!" Just as Joy was leaving through the front door, she turned her body around, ready to walk forward until two sudden figures collided into her. 

"Ow," Joy groaned, slightly rubbing at her chest as she was ready to scold whoever the two were to walk into her. Opening her mouth to speak as she lifted up her head, the words couldn't come out after seeing two familiar people standing right in front of her.

"Joy?" Upon hearing the familiar deep voice, Joy felt her heart sink when she looked forward and saw Taehyung standing in front of her, a look of surprise on his face as well. She remained silent, taking in his attire of sweats along with a hoodie, his soft brown hair now pushed back by a visor. It wasn't only her that was mesmerized, because Taehyung had also remained silent, staring down at Joy with a soft gaze.

"Guys?" Both Taehyung and Joy snapped out of their gaze as they turned their head to see the person calling out to the both of them. Feeling both of their gazes on him, he began to slightly tremble in fear as he noticed Joy's eyes slightly narrowing down at him.

"Yoongi, right?" she asked, earning a quick head nod from the man himself. 

"And you're Joy, aren't you?" Nodding her head, the two continued to stare at each other until Yoongi glanced away, too nervous by her stare. With a slight eye roll, she looked down to see a bright glint catching her attention.

"What?" she muttered lowly to herself, focusing her attention towards his neck. Joy's eyes slightly widened in realization, now understanding that Yoongi had an identical necklace to yours. But she began to wonder why he would buy you both matching necklaces when he's the one who's put in an arranged marriage. 

"Hey, Yoongi-" Joy began, grabbing Yoongi's attention until Taehyung had interrupted her sentence.

"Yoongi you can go wait inside, I'm going to talk to Joy for a second." Glancing over between the two of them, Yoongi shrugged his shoulders before fixing his bag as he walked up to the front door.

"Alright, I'll see you inside then." After watching the door close shut behind Yoongi, both Joy and Taehyung turned back around to face their attention towards each other. 

"Why were you so awkward" Taehyung began, now crossing his arms over his chest as he waited for Joy to respond.

"Awkward? Hello, first of all, my best friend is in love with a man who is in an arranged marriage." Joy paused, quickly glancing around to make sure no one else was nearby.

"And secondly, Y/N was just inside of the building. Did you know about Yoongi's gift too?" Joy asked, earning a confused stare from Taehyung.

"What gift?"

"The necklaces" Joy added, facepalming to herself after seeing that it still hasn't rung a bell to Taehyung. 

"Come with me, I'll explain along the way." Before Taehyung could protest against her, Joy had already got her grip on his arm as she began pulling him away from the building. 

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