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"I can't believe he'd threaten you like that" Jin muttered with disbelief

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"I can't believe he'd threaten you like that" Jin muttered with disbelief. Yoongi could only squeeze his eyes shut in frustration, everything becoming too much for him at this point.

"What the actual fuck do I do now?!" Yoongi hissed out loud, his hands now moving up to grip at his hair with confusion.

"Don't do that, you'll lose more hair than you already do" Taehyung warned, now reaching up to pull Yoongi's hands away from his hair. He lets out a deep sigh before sulkily sliding down on the couch, everyone else watching him with worried eyes.

"Neither of us was expecting that to happen," Hoseok commented, now moving over to where Yoongi was before resting an arm across his shoulder. Jin stepped closer to Yoongi before taking a seat down in front of him while looking deep into his eyes.

"Yoongi, it's ok to back out of the offer. I don't care if it affects us because you're my family and I can't just sit back and let this happen" Jin pleaded, hoping he can get Yoongi to change his mind. However, Yoongi could only slowly shake his head at Jin's offer, ready to accept his fate. 

"Yoongi are you serious? You just got with Y/N and now you're allowing that to go away?" Namjoon exclaimed, causing Yoongi to slightly flinch from his loud voice. However, a frown appeared on his face as he was frustrated as well.

"Look, this isn't because I don't care about her" Yoongi paused, his eyes tightly closed shut to prevent any tears from forming.

"I fucking love her to death but this sick family can do way worse than just 'get me to lose my job'" Yoongi snapped, silencing everyone in the process. Opening up his eyes, he lets out small pants as he leaned back on the couch with a groan. 

"If this is how you want it, then we'll be there for support," Jungkook assured him from the side. Yoongi lifted his head up, now seeing everyone come in closer for a group hug. As much as he hated group hugs, he allowed it just this once since he was in need of some comfort.

"Thank you. Just, none of you tell Y/N until I can figure something out" Yoongi begged as everyone pulled away. 

"We won't. We'll also try our hardest to find something to stop the wedding as well" Jimin assured him, earning a nervous nod from Yoongi.

"Hi, can I order an iced vanilla soy latte?" The barista nodded his head as he entered the order into the cash register. With the receipt done printing out, he pulled it out of the machine before handing it over the counter.

"I'll call out your drink when it's ready." Joy nodded her head before taking the receipt from his hand as she walked over to the side counter to wait for her drink. After minutes had passed by, Joy patiently scrolled through her phone until she had heard her order being called out.

"Iced vanilla soy latte!" Breathing out a sigh of relief, Joy placed her phone back into her purse before walking up to the counter to pick up her drink. However, just as she has her hand placed around the cup, another hand was wrapped around it as well.

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