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You blinked your eyes a couple of times, comprehending what Yoongi had just asked you

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You blinked your eyes a couple of times, comprehending what Yoongi had just asked you. 

"Go out?" you asked him one last time, making sure you had heard correctly. Staring at your dumbfounded expression, Yoongi's eyes widened as he knew you must've gotten the wrong idea.

"Not like a date! But just hanging out and getting to know each other." Yoongi gave you a reassuring smile, attempting to hide away his nervousness. Your mouth formed an 'O' in realization before you gave him a reassuring nod.

"Sure! Let me go change first," you smiled, hurrying over into your room to change out of your other outfit and into something more comfortable. While you were busy changing in your room, Yoongi breathed out a sigh of relief as he hurried to pull out his phone from his pocket to let his friends know when to leave.

"Alright, we're leaving soon so you can leave the place in 2 minutes," Yoongi whispered into his phone while making sure to keep an eye on your door in case you were to exit your room.

"Thanks, Yoongi!" Jin whispered back after hearing Yoongi's plan. The phone was suddenly snatched out of Jin's hands as he looked up to see Jungkook with the phone now in his hand.

"Hey, Yoongi can you get-" Jungkook couldn't finish his sentence as it was cut off by the sound of the phone being hung up.

"So, how are you finding it here so far?" you asked Yoongi, slightly turning your head to the side to look at him.

"It's nice here. Also," Yoongi paused, now turning around to face you with an expression of gratitude.

"Thank you so much for allowing me to rent with you. I'm pretty grateful that it was you who I'm rooming with" Yoongi chuckled, remembering his last roommate from before who never did his part of the chores in the room. Shaking his thoughts away, he continued walking down the street with Holly's leash in his hand while you were walking beside him. 

"It's no problem. It was getting pretty lonely being alone in that big apartment." You gave him a warm smile before looking around the area to see if there was anything interesting happening today. Looking further down towards the large community park, you noticed a crowd walking in and out of the area. 

"Hey Yoongi, let's go check that out!" you suggested, slightly walking faster to see the commotion on what was happening. 

"Wait up!" Yoongi grinned, hurrying to catch up next to you. After a couple of minutes of walking towards the park, you were both greeted with the sight of a large food truck festival.

"Wow, I didn't know they were doing a food truck festival here" you mumbled in surprise, the aroma coming from multiple food vendors filling up your nose. 

"Would you like me to get you anything?" Yoongi offered, pulling out his wallet from his pocket. Your eyes widened as you quickly shook your head, not wanting to have him spend any money on you.

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