"Stop playing." She raised up, leaning on her elbows and shook her head, her long locks swaying the sides of her breasts. "You had one last time."

"I did. But I don't have one this time."

A frown marred her features and something like jealousy flashed in her eyes. Lance thought he imagined it but the anger filling the room, taking away the scent of her desire and climax clued him that he hadn't. He immediately knew that she was assuming he had used the condom with another woman which was absurd. He hadn't been with anyone else since her. Nor did he want to.

Before he knew what he was doing he was blurting the truth to her. He panicked when she sat up and closed her legs to him. He had to get her to stay so set he tried his best in to set her worries to rest. She remained sceptical then had to ask him the one question he didn't want to answer. Though he had no problem in showing her how much he wanted her. He still didn't want to reveal how much he hadn't trusted himself around her.

Bea sighed. Then stood up and started walking toward her clothes. Panicking he grabbed her wrists, turned her around and pulled her into his arms. Hoping this time she wouldn't kick him again, somewhere higher, he looked down at her beautiful face and confessed it all.

"Look I always carry a condom with me."



"So what? You ran out and forgot to replace it?"

"No. I removed it from my wallet."

Bea's mouth dropped open in shock. It closed then opened again but whatever she wanted to say her mouth couldn't keep up whatever was running through her mind. Until one obvious point, probably the most important, flew out her mouth along with the smack to his chest.

"If you took out the condom on purpose then why the hell am I standing here naked in your arms?"

"Well it's kinda your fault."

"You're gonna blame this on me? You're the one who was staring at me like you wanted to devour me?"

"And I wouldn't have if it wasn't for your nipples." By this time Bea was visibly trying to break free from his embrace. He tightened his hold, the top of her breasts plumped up against his chest, enticing his eyes to gaze downward. Damn he loved her breasts. "I'm a breast man babe. And both then and today those nipples of yours were calling me to suck on them." His gaze returned to her face. "Last time I never got the chance to. Seeing those hardened nubs piercing your top there's no way I was letting you walk out the door."

Lance pulled backwards and admired her breasts. Full and ripe and enough to spill over a man's hand. His hand left her waist and reached for the cinnamon beaded nipple as if in a trance. His thumb flicked her left nipple and she shivered. Then he pulled on the teat. Pinched and pulled. Alternating between pleasure and pain.

Lance cupped her left breast, lifted them up and dipped his head, licking around the tight bud before pulling it into her mouth. He suckled on her nipples with unabashed hunger and reverence. He loved her nipples, flicking his tongue on them and having her shudder in his arms from the sensation. He could love them full of milk from after giving birth to their child.

The image of her swollen with his child filled him a calming warmth. Which shocked the hell out of him that he released her nipple with a soft pop.

Where the hell did that come from?

"In my purse," she moaned.

"What was that?" Lance was so lost over where his mind went while in playing and torturing her lovely nipples he hadn't heard her.

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