Have you been enjoying the series so far? Well here's the final story in the Foreseen novella collection, David and Felicite'


Felicite' always thought a police station was like a bee hive

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Felicite' always thought a police station was like a bee hive. The police and detectives, the criminals in handcuffs danced around in a circle of truth and lies, like little worker bees. The constant ringing of telephones, the rustling of paperwork and curses flying were the music being played by and for the worst and best of humankind. It was a colony of the downtrodden and the fallen, the hopeful and its protectors, forced together and congealed and thick like raw honey. And she was one of them. This time as a perp.

She gripped the bars of her jail cell and wondered for the thousandth time how she ended up in here. Oh she knew the events that led her here. It started when her friend Bea asked for help to save her neighborhood. She was glad to do a token reading for her. If you couldn't use your psychic abilities to help your friends then when can you?

Besides she hadn't been called in for consulting services so she had nothing to do. The plus side was at least she didn't have to see just how sick and depraved a human can be to their fellow man.

Worse somehow for reasons she couldn't understand was who threw her in here in the first place. Warmth flooded her stomach as Felicite' went over again her meeting with the arresting officer. Though he was only two years ahead of her she'd never forget David Johnson of the Northern Virginia Johnsons. The god of their high school, BMOC and star quarterback and captain who led their high school to state nationals every year he was on the football team. He had the admiration of half the guys and their jealousy. Their respect too. He had all the girls salivating over him and wanting to do things with him only seen in porn films. Her included.

Two days earlier he also had her in a pair of handcuffs and in the back of his squad car. At least she had one of her high school fantasies come true. Felicite' shivered at the thought then chastised herself. Now wasn't the time. She was in serious trouble. Indulging in past sexual fantasies of old high school crushes wasn't going to do a damn thing to help her clear her name.

And according to what David, Detective Johnson let slip, the fact that they have her on tape meant she was going to need all the help she could get.

"Felicite'" said the smooth, pussy wetting voice of the very detective temporarily jarring her out of her troubles. "You're free to go. Your friends posted your bail."


Felicite' was stunned. When the judge set her bail she nearly fainted in alarm earlier this morning. Even with what she had in her checking and savings account combined she'd still be short.

The bars slid open with a clang startling her. She remained rooted until David reached his hand out for hers with a concerned look on his face.

"Felicite'," he called her in a gentle voice as if she was a frightened animal he didn't want to startle. She found it almost funny considering the hand reaching out to her, if her intuition was to be trusted, belonged to the most dangerous thing to her. "Come on. You're friends are here."

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