On the Mat - Chapter 7

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She swiftly stood on her toes and claimed his lips. His eyes closed and he took over, his tongue slipping past her teeth to taste the heaven for him alone. Groans of 'come on' and 'get a room' pierced the lusty haze that always enshrouded him and he pulled away.

The guys had dispersed, mocking their less than enthusiastic feelings now of watching a public display of affection.

"Sorry if I embarrassed you." The men immediately rushed forward to assuage her concerns as if she was a child who just skinned their knee. She had them eating out of her hand. Jason stood back a bit and crossed his arms to watch a master at work. "It really is too sweet he put in the effort to learn more about what I do. I mean whenever I tell people I'm a yoga instructor they get this look on their face."

Some of the guys flustered but Jenna continued. "Most times they don't say it but I can tell what they're thinking. They're wondering why I didn't get a degree in accounting or some other job that makes a lot of money." Jenna rolled her eyes, swiping her hands in the air in frustration. "Don't get me wrong but a STEM related career isn't for everyone. And I love what I do."

"As you should," said one voice."Yeah," the others agreed. "Just can't stand it when other people who don't know you try to tell you what's best for you." Jason seemingly nodded in agreement.

"Best thing is I'm helping people too. With yoga I'm helping people relieve stress, improving their physical and mental health. Yoga is the movement of body and breath, forming connections between mind and spirit. Every asana pose and meditation a form of counseling to resolve one's problems."

The room became silent in awe at such passion brimming over and blinding them with it brilliance. If Jason wasn't aware before then he was initiated again to the breadth of love and conviction and importance of yoga to Jenna.

"Well damn. If it's like that I want to try doing it."

Hook, line and sinker. And with no help or manipulation on his part either. Damn his woman was good.

Jenna smiled rather hesitantly. "I don't know," she demurred. "It's not as easy as it looks you know. If you really want to I can start you as beginners."

A tumultuous noise of loud, offended voices rang out at Jenna's suggestion. Nathan, the most vocal and eager to meet Jenna and now half enamored with stepped out of the fray. He slapped his palm on his chest and heartfeltly declared, "Ma'am we were trained to be weapons. We can take it. So there's no need to worry about us.

"You sure? Okay then," Jenna shrugged. "I can guide you through some poses now. Jason said I can use the gym while I wait for him. Don't know when I can do it otherwise."

They all cheered and surrounded Jenna as they left the room to head to the gym. All except for Kevin who sidled up next to him and watch the group walk out the door.

"You set all this up didn't you?" Kevin gave him a sidelong glance daring him to deny it. And though he'd like to take credit for credit how things worked out he didn't. It was all Jenna. His Jenna.

"Nope," Jason replied then added, "I'm not you."

Kevin grunted. "You not going to join them? Or do you think you can't take a little bit of yoga?"

He harrumphed at the obvious insinuation and shook his head. "Don't think you can trick me to whatever you got planned with your girl. 'Sides I can bench press you." Jason shrugged and followed the trail of curried favors dropping from the mouths of the men blindly following Jenna and her promises of enlightenment. Blind to her unspoken promises of lingering soreness they'll feel for days.

Not wanting to be left out Kevin shuffled, quickly overtaking Jason and joining at the end of the trail more curious and interested than Jason knew he let on.

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