Does your crush like you or your best friend

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So my crush has inspired me to write another part of this advice story.

You may be wondering if your crush likes you or your best friend. I have a few signs he may like your best friend first...

If he smiles at your best friend a lot he could be into her

If he is around both of you and is only interested in hanging out if the other friend is there

He asks about your best friend (this could be trying to make you jealous, it's rare though)

If he and your best friend talk all the time and he doesn't seem to care to talk to you

He uses you to get closer to your friend

and the last one if he asks if your best friend likes him he probably likes her

How to tell if your crush likes you

If your crush tries to flirt with your best friend either in front of you, they may be trying to get your reaction or make you jealous

asks your best friend about you

talks to your best friend but is shy around you

stares at you when talking to your best friend

Okay so if a guy likes you he may try to make you jealous by flirting with your best friend, I know it's a jerky thing to do but they are just trying to test you and see if you really like them

I know i ask for advice a lot but you guys are so good at advice like it's amazing

So my best friend brings up my crush because they have class together and she says he like teases her and he smiles at her in the hall

Okay i'm really confused because like i said my crush has showed me signs he likes me, but he did ignore me and then i unadded him on snapchat. Like i said he teases my best friend and smiles at her in the halls and talks to her like she's a close friend. My crush won't talk to me though and i know he still notices me because he turned around in the hall one day when he heard my name. I'm really confused though because he just started acting like he liked her and I thought is would ask you guys if he liked me or her.

Thank you guys for your amazing advice 💕

I can't believe this story has 15k views and i just want to thank each and every one of you for reading this and maybe giving me some advice as well

I'm running out of topics so please give me some ideas

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