Crushes and Social Media

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So you know the most embarrassing thing to do on social media is to stalk your crush and like one of his/her old posts😑

I feel like everyone has done this but some people accidentally like their old photos😂

Do you follow your crush on social media?
If you do does he/she follow you?
If you answered yes to both of these questions keep reading!

Okay so let's talk about Instagram first.
If you follow your crush then I'm guessing you are constantly looking at his/her profile.

What to do if you like someone on Instagram
1. I wouldn't like all of their photos and don't comment on all of them either
2. Follow them if you want to
3. Talk to them over DM(direct message) if that's the only way.

Next is Snapchat
1. Add them
2. Occasionally talk to them
3. Don't Comment on all of their stories
4. Pay attention to when they look at your story

Okay I picked the two most popular social medias but feel free to comment about another one.


Hope you have enjoyed so far

Please let me know about a topic you want me to cover in this story.

I'm going to try to update more often💓

Thanks for reading

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