I believe in love

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You probably just read the title and thought what?

I'm just having a very inspirational kind of idea for this chapter

After all this is a crush story

I know lots of us are too young to understand what love is. I probably don't even know what it is. People use that 3 word phrase a lot " I love you ", but do they really understand what it means. I believe in real love. Many people think they won't ever fall in love or find the right person. I know for a fact that's wrong. I try to question myself about it, but it's still wrong. Everyone has someone and you may just have not found them yet. I know it's really hard when everyone around you has someone and you don't. It feels like you're going to be alone forever. I promise your person is out there. It takes time and don't waste your time with someone who isn't worth it. Just wait and everything has a happy ending. I love you all and I believe everything you want will take time ❤️❤️

One other thing I would like to say is...

Don't hide your feelings from someone forever because then you will never know what could have happened. "Everything you want is on the other side if fear".

It took a long time and it was a really big step for me, but I think i'm over my crush. Things have happened and I just feel it is best to let him go. You know what they say "If you truly love someone let them go". I just feel like that's what's best for me. I'm not saying all of you need to get over your crushes, but if it's what's best for you I totally understand.

I'm always going to love my crush, but everything happens for a reason.


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