Old Feelings

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Old feelings literally suck. I think about all the old times i had with my crush. First of all getting over a crush is really hard. I hope that all of you have gotten advice from this book and that it has worked for you :)

You know that moment when you see your crush and your old feelings just pop up out of nowhere. Yes I know the feeling. It's like you remember all the good times and even hearing some songs remind you of them. Maybe if they are popping up out of nowhere then they weren't supposed to leave your head in the first place. The universe may have something in store for you!

If you're having old feelings then it's honestly hard to tell you what to do. If there is any way to possibly talk to them then i would.

MY CRUSH WONT LEAVE MY HEAD. I honestly really believe in the universe telling you stuff because i have a weird story that I may add in the next chapter. When you fall hard for that crush it's close to impossible to get them out of your head. If you can't move on then maybe just explore people around you, but you can always have a special place in your heart for that person.

I believe all of you can get through this. If your crush and you are moving forward with your relationship then that's great. My advice to old feelings is kind of weird but it's maybe there is something in the future with that crush.

Don't give up on your crush if you feel something between you two.

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