I need advice

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So of course I have a crush too and I can't figure out if he likes me back.

Why I think he likes me...

One of his friends said in class he's too shy to talk to her and I'm the only one he didn't talk to

He talks to everyone around me except me

He texts me back almost immediately sometimes it takes a few minutes, but he never texts first.

I think I've caught him looking at me and sometimes we made eye contact or he looked away really fast.

This is kind of a weird one but... one day in class I had candy and then everyone was asking me for some and then he asked for some and said when I gave it to him that I was his favorite at the table.

He sometimes looks at my snapchat stories really fast and if I post stuff at different times but kind if at the same time if you know what I mean, he looks at all of them.

Just some reasons I think he likes someone(maybe me)
He posts at 11:11 even though he has said before that it's stupid.
His friends make fun of him liking someone

Reasons I don't think he likes me

He is popular and talks to lots of girls, except me

He has asked for another girls snapchat(he didn't ask me)

He may know I like him and is just trying to be nice, but I haven't really shown that I like him very clearly.

He talks to my best friend.

I'm super confused about these mixed signals so if you Guys could give me advice I would really appreciate it❤️❤️❤️


I know I'm supposed to give advice but this time I need advice because I'm confused and it would help if someone gave me advice although the only clear way to know if he likes me is if he told me.

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