My personal crush stories

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So I've never had a boyfriend except for in 3rd grade which really doesn't count.

I have had like 3 or 4 big crushes in my life, but since I'm shy of course I barely spoke to them. I don't know if that's why they never liked me back or what. Like I just said my crush has never liked me back and yeah I get upset, but I eventually get over it. I was never as pretty or outgoing as my friends and I guess that meant that no one really liked me. What im trying to say is don't get too upset over your crush because they aren't worth it.

No guy or girl is worth all your time if they won't even put any effort into a relationship.

I still remember the day when I found out my crush liked someone else. It's like this feeling that I hate and I don't understand it. It's probably jealousy, but I'm not sure. I may be writing all this and a guy I don't really know likes me and I don't even know, but I just wanted to share this!

Stay happy😊

Sorry that this was a little off topic!

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