People hinting that they like you

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I'm back with advice. I'm so sorry about my last chapters but ugh i'm so irritated and upset and just confused. Getting over people is so hard, but that's a different story. So ever wonder if people are hinting at liking you keep on reading...

Okay so obviously if they ask if you are single or looking for a boyfriend they are so interested. No matter what they want to know your relationship status. This is kind of a tricky one but most of the time it means they like you(a lot)

If they give you advice about relationships and try to help you when you talk about other guys, omg it means they care and they want you to like them. They give you advice and try to get you to get over the person to lead you right into their arms.

If they hint at you by saying you know we have a great connection or we could make something work, yes they are interested. They want to convince you about having a connection with them.

Some ways if you don't really talk to the much.

1. They of course stare at you, in the good way

2. They try to be near you, like changing their route in school to see you.

3. Their friends hint it, their friends tease them

4. People say you would be a cute couple(especially his friends)

5. Texting you a lot/ adding you on every social media, and liking all your posts.

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