Don't get too upset over your crush

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So I will think that my crush likes me and doesn't like me. When I think he doesn't like me I get really upset, which I shouldn't get upset. Don't get really upset over your crush because if he/she makes you that upset he's/she's not worth it!

Okay here are a few signs your crush may not like you back.

1. He/She treats you like a really good friend, maybe he is too comfortable around you or calls you names like bro.

2. He/She constantly ignores your texts and doesn't make an effort to talk to you, but he/she might be really shy.

3. He/She act the same around you as they do with everyone.

4. He/She talk about other people they are interested in right in front of you.

5. He/She don't follow you back on social media, this one kind of depends.

These may just be a shy girl or guy trying to get to know you, but they mostly mean they aren't interested.

I hope this helps❤❤

Next I will be talking about shy crushes!

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