How to get over your crush

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The worst part about having a crush! Am I right?

Ugh I've had to do this so many times and it sucks that's all I have to say.

So you have learned your crush is not interested and if you still aren't sure I have already gone through signs they don't like you and here are a few more...

1. They NEVER text back
2. They don't try to get to know you at all
3. They talk about other people they are interested in right in front of you.
4. They do anything to avoid you.

Now it's time to get over your crush🙄

Tell yourself you will find someone else(I promise this works)
Listen to music and watch funny movies
Be around other people who will make you feel better
Always be happy❤
Eat Chocolate

I'm still so confused about my crush it's really irritating me!

Again if you still aren't sure about your crush read the beginning of this story and it should help. Mixed signals are the worst😑

I don't know why but eating chocolate, listening to sad music, and watching movies about love make me feel much better😂

I hope your crush likes you back, but if they don't who cares. Man they call it a crush for a reason!

Need advice? Feel free to message me!

Crushes are confusing and I don't know why it's so hard to talk to them.

Okay that's it for this part I hope it helped!

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