Make the first move

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Hey so it's been awhile and I may have already been over this but I thought I would go into a little more detail.

So as you know I have a crush and last year I didn't have classes with him so this year I have 2 classes with him and of course we didn't talk to each other.

Everyone is telling me just say hi, be friendly, and get to know him and trust me that is NOT EASY. I'm a super shy person when it comes to people I like and it's really hard for me to say something first.

Trust me making the first move helps a lot because it makes them more comfortable and it makes you look like an approachable person!!

and you may make a new friend!

So today I said something to my crush and we talked for a little bit walking through the hall, but I noticed the whole time he was looking at his phone like he was talking to me and saying stuff but he was looking at his phone the whole time. It makes me really confused because I don't know if he wanted to avoid eye contact or was just like bored and didn't want to talk to me? Anyway I'm still glad I said something but I don't know why he was looking at his phone the whole time?

Leave some suggestions below and if you need advice feel free to message me!!

Thank you all so much for reading!!


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