All updates on my crush

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So if you haven't read most of my story you wouldn't know about the mixed signals i'm getting from my crush. Right now it's just getting worse and worse. I'm so sorry that i talk about this all the time but i'm about to get over him, but i want to know if there is still hope.

Okay so right now i feel like i'm getting ghosted. My crush will notice me i think in the halls and then just avoid all eye contact with me. He smiled at me a few times and now it's just i don't exist. I would be really sad if he did like me and now he is trying to get over me. I did try to show interest but i guess i wasn't enough.

He never looks at my story anymore and likes my instagram pictures sometimes which he never did. When this girl brought me up he looked like a mixture of irritated and like upset? He was standing next to the girl he apparently has a thing with. Yes apparently he has a thing with a girl who likes him and no one knows if he likes her i guess. My best friend has been told that they are a thing though which doesn't make this any better.

UGH IM SO CONFUSED. I'm almost done with all this heartbreak because it's gone i so long trying to read him and maybe he was trying to read me, i have no idea. If he moves on i wish the best for him, but i wish the best for him was me😖

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