Does your crush like you or are they just being nice?

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So does your crush really like you back?

Well here are a few signs they do

- They treat you differently like really different.
They may be way nicer to you than to others or they may be super quiet around you but that is mainly if they are shy.

- They make an effort to be around you do nice stuff for you.

- They listen to you and they remember what you tell them.

- Their friends say it all make sure to pay attention to their closest friends.

- They text you and always answer your texts or calls.

If they are just being nice they don't want to let you think they like you and they are trying to let you down easy.

They will mainly treat you like a friend and treat you the same as everyone else. Don't get your hopes up but there is still a chance your special someone could have feelings for you!!

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If you didn't see my previous two chapters I need advice too for my crush and I will probably have another I need advice chapter after this one.

Hope you guys have enjoyed my story so far and I hope this has helped you in some way.

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