How to tell if your crush likes you

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You can't always tell if a girl or a guy likes you just from what they do around you. Sometimes you have to talk to them and get to know them to figure it out. Here are a few signs your crush may like you!

1. They stare at you in class or when you are around, but look away as soon as you catch them looking at you, or you will make eye contact.

2. They will talk to everyone else around, but you. This means they might be too nervous around you or don't want to do something that might be embarrassing.

3. Their friends will tease them around you. If you walk into class and your crush is in there with their  friends they might start to whisper and laugh and push them towards you.

4. Your crush will answer your texts right after you send them. If they take a few minutes they  might be busy, so don't keep on texting them. If they answer your texts right after you send them it's a good sign they like you.

5.  If your crush teases you they could like you. You and your crush may only be really good friends.

Hopefully this helped❤

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