They call it a crush for a reason

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Hey everyone so my birthday was yesterday and well my crush didn't tell me happy birthday and I said it to him. If you read some of my previous stories in this book you would know that I was getting mixed signals and I wasn't sure if he liked me back. Well I feel like if someone tells you happy birthday then you should tell them just to be nice, but they were on social media because they looked at my story and yeah I'm upset, but I'm pretty sure I need to move on. Someone told me happy birthday twice and I completely ignored them because I wanted one guy to say it and he didn't. I have had to get over so many crushes in the past and I just wanted one to like me back, but they never do. Now I know that I should appreciate the boys that take the time to wish me happy birthday and actually talk to me. Thanks for reading and remember you will find someone and take a lesson from me you can completely ignore other guys for one guy who ignores you. I'm glad I told you guys this because it really bothers me that I kept on waiting for him when there are plenty of other guys.

Still can't believe this has over 1k views!

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