Its going to be okay

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Hey guys I haven't updated in a little bit so today i was feeling really down and I thought I need to have some positive motivation and I thought it would make a good chapter on here too!!

So i've just been thinking lately and here's a story for you all. I was talking to someone awhile ago and no this is not the crush i'm always talking about but it's someone else. I really liked this person but I of course still had feelings for my current crush, so I called it off and we didn't date. He was fine with being friends but then was weird and wouldn't talk to me and then would and it was weird. He ended up jokingly saying something that made me mad and I blocked him on snapchat and he blocked me too. The thing is I have been going back and i'm like what if rejecting him was the wrong move, or i just did it because i liked my crush a little bit still. I don't know the guy has had other relationships but i haven't. I still see him and it's awkward.

Anyway I don't know about that situation or why i'm going back on it, but it's like a little piece of me still cares about him. He told me he loved me three times after I called things off which i found strange. It's so confusing.

What i'm trying to get at is even if you make mistakes it's going to be okay. I can't tell if i made a mistake or not but i will figure it out. I just want all of you to know that you're young you are still trying to figure everything out and that's okay. Part of life is making mistakes and finding a way to fix it. Believe in yourself because you're all beautiful and smart and worthy of the best life possible 💗💗💗

I want you all to know it's going to be okay and your book is still being written

be patient and it will come

I love you all so much and I wish the best for you!!

If you need advice feel free to message me 💗💗


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