Why are crushes so confusing?

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We all don't really understand our crushes and who we are attracted to. Sometimes we don't even understand why we like someone.

So I know some people say mixed signals mean that your crush doesn't like you but it may mean they just don't want to make it obvious that they like you. I understand trying to make it not obvious that you like someone.

It's really hard to find out if someone likes you and of course it's super confusing. If you're shy it's really hard to find out if someone likes you. It would be so cool if people just walked up to you and admitted they had feelings for you. You could also find out through text I guess. That's probably not going to happen because everyone around their crush just kind of act completely different. People get really shy or try to impress their crush or they look at you but I wish it was way more simple to find out if someone likes you.

Don't let your crush on someone make you feel bad or anything there are so many more fish in the sea. I've had so many crushes in my life and none of them have liked me back but I don't let that bother me. You will find someone I promise. Sorry if that was cheesy😂

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments❤

Hope you enjoyed!

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