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So I'm guessing everyone is reading this to find out if your crush likes you😂

Here are some more signs your crush may like you...

1. He/She try to show off when you are around or look around to find you and kind of act like a jerk sometimes.

2. Talks to everyone but you, this might just mean he/she is a flirt with everyone. He/She may be scared of rejection and not want to say anything stupid.

3. They always/never like your photos on social media they may be confident and like your photos or want to not make it obvious that they like you.

4. If they get super nervous around you and you can tell then they probably like you.

5. Their friends start to talk to you and get closer to you. Of course teasing is a pretty good sign they like you!

I mean it's really hard to tell if someone likes you, but you have to talk to them!

Message me any questions about your crush and I will be sure to answer them.

Always be confident and never change yourself for your crush😊

I hope this helped❤

I need ideas leave them in the comments!

I may work on another story soon

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