How to know you deserve better

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Hiiiiiii guys!!!

I'm sorry that I rarely update i'm just really busy and out of ideas ❤️

anyway at the end of this chapter i have a little update for you guys on my love life

So how do you know you deserve better?

For one if your crush is a jerk or anything close, YOU DESERVE BETTER!

If your crush brings you down or makes you feel like crap, YOU DESERVE BETTER

If your crush tries to mess with you, YOU DESERVE BETTER

How to know you deserve better...

1. If you feel down because of a crush
2. If they don't respect you
3. If they play with your feelings
4. If they flirt with other people
5. If they they ignore you on purpose
6. If they are known to use people
7. If they lie to you
8. If they try to only go after one thing
9. If they want you to change yourself

If your crush does any of these things, I would get away from that and understand you deserve better ❤️

I know it's so hard but if you think about it you want someone who loves you for you and respects you

One day you are going to find someone who treats you right, and if you have that's great!!

Just know I love you all and I believe in you

Just ask yourself is this crush worth my time
and if they are i support you because i want you to be endlessly happy ❤️❤️


So i think i talked a little bit about this guy in previous chapters but anyway here's a little more backstory. THIS IS NOT THE CRUSH I USUALLY TALK ABOUT. Anyway I met this guy last year around this time. He added me on snapchat and was in one of my classes. We automatically became friends and we were friends for awhile. So one day he told me liked me. A few days later I told him I liked him. We were in the "talking" zone for like a month. I told him i wanted to take it slow though. I started to become distant from him and he noticed automatically. He asked me one day if i was over and i truthfully answered yes. Keep in mind i still had feelings for this crush and i didn't want to lead on this guy. So he was weird for awhile he would like talk to me one week and then the next not say a word to me. Then one day he said something that really hurt me and I blocked him. He was blocked for like 6 months, but if you know me that wasn't going to last. So around the beginning of November I was like i can't hold this grudge anymore. So i dmed him on instagram and we talked for like 2 days. Then i said i unblocked him on snapchat and he asked for my snap. So then we started talking again and well that was a huge mistake on my part. He started sending hearts to me and every picture of my face i sent he would say how pretty and stuff they were. For about a month this went on. I was really happy though and I thought I got my friend back. I have to admit i did miss him, a lot. Yes i did send hearts back and i said how sweet he was. This is where it turned. One day he went to a party. So at this party a girl he used to talk to was there. First he started to ignore me all day. Second he posted a picture of her on his story. I thought that was weird but i didn't think anything about it. So later he messages me "Hey can we talk". I said "yeah what's up". Long story short he said he didn't want a relationship and all this stuff. He also said he still had feelings for the girl at the party. I started bursting out crying because I felt stupid and lied to. He said we can still be friends and i was like yeah of course. That didn't last either, we barely talk now. We still have a streak though. It hurt but I know I deserve so much better.

Dear B, I'm always going to love you but I know i deserve so much better. Thank you for everything you taught me. I'm so thankful I met you last year. Thank you for the memories too. I know you hurt me but i'm not going to let it affect the rest of my life. You were a great friend and a great lesson. I wish things turned out better, but what can you do. Thank you for everything.

❤️ A

All of you will find someone eventually I promise


Thank you for reading and as always feel free to message me anytime!!

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