You deserve so much better

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If a guy doesn't show interest in you, ignores you, tells you that you aren't good enough, and just plays with your feelings, then he is honestly not the one.

Well I started off my year great.

So remember when I said that i was talking to my crush more and that I had started a snapchat streak with him, well that lasted about a day. He sent me one thing and for the last three days had ignored me while he was on his snapchat. I was so stunned and so angry that I just couldn't talk for awhile. If he didn't want to talk to me he could've told me.

I am so done with liking people that give no effort into getting to know me and letting go is so hard.

If a guy does this to you or anything similar, then believe me get out of the situation. It will lead to heartbreak and so many more things.

I wish I would have known this before because all I did was try with this guy and I got no effort back.

Don't put in all the effort girls because the guy has to do something if he wants to keep you in his life.

I've dealt with so many jerky crushes and they have all rejected me. I have rejected people too. don't get me wrong, but for better reasons.

If you need someone to talk to, well I'm here.

This is the end of my crush advice story and I hope you guys liked it. I may do an overall update later when I feel the time is right. but for now I hope this helped some people and gave you the courage to do whatever you needed!

Thank you so much for reading!!

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