Signs of flirting

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You probably want to know what guys do when they like a girl so here we go

All guys are different and this may not apply to all

1. They want to get to know you, they will add you on different social media's

2. They start talking to you more or you notice that they pay more attention to you

3. You notice that their friends may whisper or act weird around you

4. They tease you, duhhhh

5. They become friends with your friends

6. They start doing things that you enjoy

7. If they are shy, they may try to make eye contact with you a lot

8. They are themselves around you

9. They become a little more shy around you

10. The smile, oh you notice the smile

11. They treat you differently

12. They ask if you are single

There are many more signs of flirting but these were just a few

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