My crush pt. 1 million

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like i said there is some juicy stuff that i needed to talk about so here we go.

I thought i was over my crush and i've liked him ever since last december and it's november now. I don't think i'll ever lose feelings for him because they got so deep but i'm going to go back a little bit first.

If you haven't read about my crush anyway i've liked him forever and i kind of liked him a few years ago. In 7th grade(i'm in 9th now) I thought he was cute and we talked and yeah. Last year things got awkward and we didn't talk and then i started to like him. I added him on snapchat and we texted a few times, nothing deep but my feelings sure were. I thought he liked me because he started to tease me and just look at me that way sort of. I liked him a lot and then the beginning of high school changed everything. I barely see him and i thought that was good, but i still like him. Well i try to make it look like i'm over him because he'll look at me and i'll just make a blank face and look at my phone. I feel like i should smile but he probably thinks i hate him. I hope i'm not thinking this and he never liked me but he really acted like it. He was supposed to date this girl but i honestly don't know if he likes her that way or if they will date but i don't have a chance and i don't know what to do.

This is literally one of the hardest crushes in my life, like as soon as i know they don't like me or never liked me, i'll get over it. For almost a year i've gotten mixed signals from this guy and one of his friends. I don't know what to do and i need advice.

I thought i was over it and i'm not of course.

Every other guy i think is attractive looks just like him...

i am so confused

need advice just message me and if you have advice for me feel free to comment! go back and read my previous crush things to catch up on my crush, but i'm confused so please help if you can. THANK YOU!!

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