The Barillian Sting (2)

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We carefully did up the clasps around Cassie as she lay on the bed in the med bay. We couldn't have her escaping. An electronic voice broke the silence,
"Approaching planet KO-35."
"TJ, Maddi and I will go down to the planet, Ashley, you go to the bridge, protect it no matter what, even  if it means you have to shoot." Andros ordered.
"Hurry up with the antidote." Ashley called as we walked away.

*.        *.         *.  

TJ, Andros and I raced along the corridors until we reached the corner outside the chute room to beam us to the planet.
I let out a surprised shriek as the ceiling above me gave way and the Bug/Carlos dropped to the floor in front of me. I rushed at him and knocked him into the wall as Andros grabbed my hand, pulling me along beside him as we followed TJ down to the place I used to call home.
It was a strange sensation, racing through the abandoned streets which I had once called home. I gasped as we turned a corner and I instantly recognised the windy street, lined with houses on one side and blushing cherry blossoms on the other. As I was gazing at the familiar white walled house I felt a jolt as memories flowed through me.

Two little boys raced out of the White walled house in front of me. They were laughing cheekily and they stopped at the front gate.
"Come on Maddi!" The boy with black streaks in his hair called. Suddenly a small roar could be heard from the house.
"Raaar I'm coming!" Then a small blond girl dressed in purple raced out of the house towards them. The two boys raced past the gate and straight through me.
I inhaled a shaky breath.
The little girl giggled excitedly,
"I'm going to get you!" However, before she could even reach the front gate she tumbled forwards, her small hands reaching out in front of her to protect herself. The little girl gasped in pain as she rested on her hands and knees before sliding onto the floor. She sat up and cradled her hands, a tearful cry slipping past her lips.
The two boys watching gasped and hurried towards her, falling to their knees on either side.
"It's okay Maddi. We'll always protect you." They promised as they engulfed her in a hug.

"Are you okay?" Andros asked as he raced back towards me. TJ was waiting for us by the end of the road impatiently.
I nodded, shaking my head slightly to rid myself of the ghostly memories. I looked at the white house once more and took a deep breath. Andros looked from the house to me and back again before shaking his head.
"Come on, the hospital where the antidote is kept was up here."
"Hopefully there's still some left." TJ said as we caught up with him.
We raced into the abandoned building and managed to find the room with the antidotes. We raced to the cupboard at the back of the room and Andros tried to open it.
"It's locked. I'll have to blast it open." He said, retrieving his blaster. He shot at the door and it swung open.
I reached inside and grabbed a small case.
"The Barillian antidote." I murmured. I winced as memories of the man who had created it flashed into my mind. I had to focus on the job.
"Well done Andros." TJ congratulated him. Unfortunately, a laser blast interrupted the moment.
"Too bad you'll never get the chance to use it." I groaned at the appearance of the feared bounty hunter as he stalked towards us.
"Get this back to the ship." Andros ordered TJ as he and I faced the bounty hunter. I had encountered him multiple times on my travels.
"Give me that antidote, Blue Ranger." He growled.
"Never." I hissed.
"Purple Ranger." He growled scornfully. "It's been a long time."
"Not long enough." I hissed before charging at him. He raised his arm, grabbing my own as I tried to punch at him, before twisting it behind me back. I fell forwards and he let go as Andros attacked him also. However, the monster grabbed Andros and shoved him against the wall before knocking him against the service pipes and back to the floor.
"Andros!" I cried, running forwards.
"Now I'm really going to bug you." The Bounty Hunter cried. Before he could attack Andros I rushed forwards and pushed him to the side. The Bounty hunter slashed at me multiple times in quick succession, making me fall to the ground and I groaned as he stood triumphantly above us both.
"Now to finish you off." He growled as he drew a sword, seemingly from nowhere. I got back to my feet and held out a hand for Andros, letting go of it soon after to cut away from the monster in front of us. I grabbed his arm and twisted it around to try and grab the sword, however I only succeeded in getting us out of the building, through the open window. I hissed as I hit the floor painfully, rolling away from the Bounty Hunter. Andros jumped down in front of me and called for his battleizer.
"This'll clip your wings." He called. I watched in awe as a large clap of thunder collected in his morpher and he punched the Bounty Hunter with a huge amount of force, sending him backwards.
"Are you okay?" He asked, spinning on his heel and crouching beside me. I nodded, brushing him off as I pointed at the angered Bounty Hunter behind him.

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