Satellite search (1)

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In space two ships were approaching a NASADA satellite. In one of them was Elgar.
"Aha! There's the satellite. Sayonara!" He said as he pressed a button, firing a laser at it. The satellite was hit and fell tumbling to the planet below.
"Guess what Atronema!" Elgar laughed. "I think I got it!"
On his viewing screen Astronema appeared.
"You think?" She questioned menacingly.
"Well yeah, I mean I hit it and then it crashed down somewhere on this planet.
"Make sure!" Astronema ordered. " That satellite knows too much." She added.
"Affirmatory! Elgar over and out!" Elgar said as the two ships flew down to the planet.
*        *         *

Andros and Cassie were satnding at the control consoles on the megaship bridge when Ashley, TJ and Carlos walked in. As they did DECA spoke,
"We have an encrypted video transmission."

"Meaning what?" Asked Ashley.
"Meaning it's top secret." Andros replied, somewhat worriedly. Suddenly the viewing screen came to life.
"Power rangers." The unknown man addressed them,"If you can hear me, NASADA needs your help."

TJ and Carlos glanced at each other worriedly as the message continued.
"An exploration Satellite has been attacked. Crashed onto the planet Kalderon. These are the last images we received. The information it had gathered is invaluable to the space program. If you get this message, please try to retrieve the data disks. It would mean that eight years of scientific study had not been wasted. We currently have no spacecraft to make this journey.Your our only hope." The man said gravely as the Rangers exchanged glances.
"Why would Astronema be after a satellite?" Asked Cassie.
"Maybe it saw something while exploring, Something she doesn't want us to see." Replied Carlos. The Rangers were silent until Ashley spoke.
"Set a course for Kalderon." Andros decided as the Rangers got into position at their consoles.
*          *           *

On the planet Kalderon, Quantrons were working hard in the unbearable heat.
"I am working myself to the bone here." Said Elgar as he lounged in a deckchair, an umbrella over him with drinks and a quantron fanning him. "Come on, you robotic rust buckets.Find that satellite. Hurry!"
A quantron was busy searching in a few dead bushes when Elgar called to him.
"Hey you! You down there, Be a pal and toss the sunscreen I think I'm starting to turn a little pink here." Suddenly Astronema's voice echoed around the area.
"Elgar! How do you expect to find the satellite sitting around like that?" She questioned from the spaceship.
"Don't worry we're hot on the trail, Astronema. Hey I was thinking maybe it fell into one of these lava lakes and burned to a crisp." He said hopefully.
"Don't think. Find!" Astronema ordered.
"Yeah. Yeah, you got it." Elgar nodded. Suddenly a beeping noise sounded in the spaceship.
"Hmm, the Power Rangers are coming this way. Hurry up!" She ordered Elgar," Find that satellite before they get here."
"Understood." Elgar said before disappearing from Astronema's viewing screen.
"Meanwhile let's send them a welcoming party. Fire up the velocifighters."
*          *           *

On the Megaship the Rangers were all working at their consoles.
"Ashley can you get a visual?" Asked Andros.
"Sure." She nodded, pressing a few buttons on her console. "Velocifighters, three of them." She said, talking about the three small fighter ships headed towards them. "They're coming up behind us." She warned.
"Shields to full." Andros ordered. "Cassie arm the megalasers."
"Megalasers online." She answered.
"Carlos, bring us to bear on target." Andros ordered.
"Right." He nodded. Suddenly the velocifighters fired their lasers at the megaship. The Rangers were jolted as the ship was hit multiple times.
"Bring us around." Andros ordered after they had been hit three times by the fighters.
"Fire!" He called as they came up behind the velocifighters.
"Oh yes!" Alpha cheered as they destroyed one velocifighter. The other two were preparing to fire when suddenly Andros ordered to fire the lasers again, destroying a second velocifighter.
"We've got one left." Ashley informed the Rangers.
"Scanning. Got it! He's behind us!" Carlos announced.
"We can't get a lock. Not at this angle." said Cassie.
"He's coming around again." TJ warned.
"Reverse engines on my command." Andros said.
"Almost within range." TJ declared.
"Now!" Ordered Andros."Fire!" He said as the lasers hit the last velocifighter, destroying it.
"Nice move!" Called TJ.
"Yes!" Cheered Ashley and the other Rangers celebrated as they neared the planet Kalderon.

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