The Wasp with a heart (2)

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It was a bright sunny day in the park and many people were sitting at the picnic benches and walking around. Waspicable was also hiding behind a bush.
"I do not have a heart. I'm a monster, an evil monster. I'm going to go right up to him," Waspicable said, watching as a man went from the ice cream stand to one of the picnic tables and sat down. He then envisioned himself jumping over the bush and attacking the man.
"Just like that. Yeah." He cheered himself on. He then jumped over the bush, causing many people to run away except the man who sat at the table, facing away from him. Waspicable placed a hand on the man's shoulder, turning him around. The man was rather old, with greying hair and wrinkling skin and he yelled frantically at the sight of the monster behind him.
"No! Oh dear." Waspicable cried as the old man dropped his plate and slid off the bench.
"Oh, I'm sorry sir." Waspicable apologised, crouching down to try and help him. "I thought you were..." but the man had hobbled away.
"Wow. I almost attacked an old man." Waspicable said sadly, starting to cry in his strange buzzing tone. He fell to his knees amd clutched his head.
"I can't do anything right. I need to be evil. But how?" He despaired.
*          *          *
"Maybe something this colour, Sherry?" Cassie asked the young girl holding the balloons.
"Blue. Blue's pretty." She giggled as a few children ran past. They were in a park, sitting on some picnic benches at what was clearly a birthday party.
"Oh, it's a birthday party." Waspicable said happily as he hid in the bushes yet again.
"I love parties. Maybe I do have a heart. Maybe I'm not cut out tto be a monster." He sighed.
"A heart?" Waspicable gasped and looked up to see Ecliptor atanding in front of him accompanied by many quantrons.
"You don't have a heart. You're a monster. Now why haven't you attacked the Power Rangers?" Ecliptor demanded.
"Uhh, I've been studying the Pink Ranger. Planning an attack."
"Planning an attack? Here's a plan." He growled before hitting Waspicable in the gut with his sword hilt. Waspicable fell to the floor groaning.
"Oh why did you have to go and do that?"
"Attack now!" Ecliptor ordered.
"Well, okay." Waspicable sighed. "Here goes nothing." He sighed as he marched towards the party.
"Quantrons, prepare to fight." Ecliptor ordered.
"Ready!" They saluted. Suddenly explosions went off due to Waspicable firing at the party. Screams echoed around the park as people frantically started to run away.
"Everybody get out. Go!" Cassie yelled, motioning for everyone to leave as the quantrons descended. Children and parents were fleeing desperately but Cassie had been grabbed by two quantrons as Sherry and her.mother were cornered.
"Come on. I should be enjoying this." Waspicable whined as he watched. A qauntron grabbed Sherry's balloons and she cried out for them, gaining Waspicable's attention. As she cried out for them desperately the quantron let them go, watching them float away.
"Oh come on. You didn't have to do that to her balloons." Waspicable said. Only moments later Ecliptor walked up behind him.
"Good job Waspicable. Now you're finally getting into the sting of things." He chuckled.
"What have I done? This is terrible." Waspicable sighed quietly.
Back at the picnic tables the quantrons had grabbed onto Sherry and her mother but Cassie ripped them away.
"It's okay. Go find a safe place." She urged them. She watched as they ran to safety before fending off another Quantron who had grabbed her shoulders. She flipped them off, elbowing them away from her but more advanced as she kicked out.
"I can't stand to watch." Waspicable groaned. "So outnumbered." He cried as Cassie was cornered and thrown around. She blocked one final hit but she was then overpowered and two quantrons grabbed her as Ecliptor and Waspicable headed towarda her.
"I'll let you have the honours Waspicable. Destroy her!" Ecliptor roared, pointing at Cassie.
"Well... What are you waiting for? Blast Pink Ranger into oblivion."
"I'm not sure Ecliptor." Waspicable hesitated.
"Do it!" Ecliptor demanded.
"All right. Here I go. No more Pink Ranger." he said, aiming his hands at Cassie who watched, desperately trying to escape the quantrons hold. As he watched her Waspicable remebered how the two Rangers had spared him. "You're a monster. With a heart" Waspicable growled, shaking the memory away and his eyes began to glow. Cassie braced herself as lasers shot towards her.
Her eyes were squeezed shut but she opened them confusedly when one of the quantrons released her arm. She opened her eyes in surprise to see that the quantron on her left had fallen to the floor.
"Oops. I missed." Waspicable shrugged. Ecliptor growled and shoved Waspicable to the ground.
"No!" Cassie called out.
"I'll destroy her myself." Ecliptor decided as he walked towards her, sword raised.
"Stop!" A sudden call made Ecliptor turn his head in confusion to see Astronema standing with Stingking.
"Step back Ecliptor. This one's.mine."
"Very well Stingking." Ecliptor nodded, stepping back.
"Oh dear." Waspicable sighed as his brother neared Cassie. "No."
"End of the line Ranger." Stingking sneered, raising his laser arm.
"No!" Waspicable shouted, getting to his feet and standing in front of Cassie.
"No!" She cried. "No, Don't!" She struggled in the quantrons hold as Waspicable ran towards his brother while being shot at and jumped on him. He was thrown off and Cassie ran to aid him as he lay on the floor.
"I'll take care of both of them." Stingking declared as he lined up to face Cassie and Waspicable with Astronema and Ecliptor next to him. Before he could step closer he was shot with a laser as the other five Rangers jumped in front of Cassie and Waspicable.
"Power Rangers!"
"That's right! Andros declared before turning round to check that Cassie was okay. She nodded as she looked down at Waspicable.
"He saved me." She said sadly before holding out her morpher in front of her.
"Let's rocket!"
"You know what to do." Ecliptor said, turning to Stingking."
"You can count on me." He assured.
"Guys let's teach these monsters a lesson. Waspicable, you've done your part. It's our fight now. Go someplace safe okay?"
"All right. Let's get them!" Maddi declared.
"Destroy the whole city." Ecliptor snarled as the quantrons, Astronema and himself disappeared.
"Huh?" The Rangers said confusedly.
"That's right Powerless Rangers!" Stingking laughed before disappearing too.
"You guys. We've got to stop him." Andros declared.
"I know what to do." Cassie nodded. "Galaxy gliders, hang ten!" She called and moments later six Gliders were flying towards them.
Stingking had flown into Space in order to shoot at the planet when the Rangers rounded on him after he shot lasers down to Earth.
"Those blasts came from right around here." Ashley said perplexed as all the Rangers could see was space. Suddenly a blast of energy hit them all and they struggled to stay on their Gliders.
"Is everyone okay?' Andros asked and the Rangers nodded in reply.
"Did you see where that came from?" Maddi asked curiuosly, looking around and straining her eyes to see in the darkness.
"I couldn't really tell." TJ answered.
"Cassie you've got to use your satellite stunner to pinpoint his exact location." Carlos called.
"You got it." Cassie confirmed, firing beams until one collided with Stingking, making him visible again. He yelled in frustration.
"There he is!" Cassie cheered.
"All right. Let's get to work." Carlos brandished his Lunar Lance and the other Rangers followed suit with their own weapons.
"Spiral Saber!"
"Astro axe!"
"Star Slinger!"
"Satellite stunner!"
"Mystic Sword!"
"That ought to bring him back down to Earth!" Cassie cheered as the wasp tumbled back down through the Planet's atmosphere. He landed with a loud groan and the Rangers gracefully jumped off their gliders before racing over to Stingking. He stood up smartly and held out his stinger.
"You're about to be as busy as bees!" Suddenly buzzing errupted around the forest they had landed in and bees flooded from Stingking's stinger towards the Rangers.
"Sting them my little drones." Stingking cackled as he watched the bees attack the Rangers, causing them to fall to the ground due to being swarmed. The Purple Ranger, Maddi, swatted away as many as she could before reching for her Astro blaster and quickly she shot at Stibgking's stinger, causing the bees to drop to the ground.
"Oh, no. My bees!" Stingking cried.
"The bees aren't so busy now." Maddi remarked. All the Rangers then held out their weapons and in turn hit the wasp. He fell to the floor in defeat. The Rangers were pleased but only moments later Stingking had been raised again by Astronema, this time he was taller than the tallest buildings in the city.
"Astro Megazord!"
"Mystic Megazord!" The Rangers stood side by side in their megazords, Andros, Carlos, TJ, Cassie and Ashley in one while Maddi had her own. Stingking decided to start destroying some of the buildings around him but he turned around surprised when the Megazords landed behind him, hitting him to the ground. The Astro megazord flipped him onto the floor but he stood up again, aiming his stinger at the Megazord but the Mystic Megazord stood in front of the larger one with a shield held out in front of it.
"Thanks Maddi!" Andros called and the Mystic Megazord nodded in response. Maddi then charged with the Mystic Sword and striked Stingking.
"The Power Rangers have quite a sting too." Maddi commented as Stingking was finally vanquished.
Astronema stormed through her ship angrily, followed by  Elgar.
"No more insects. Got it?!"
"Ix-nay on the ugs-bay. Got it!" Elgar replied.
"Sound the alarm!" Astronema instructed. The quantron that stood at the control console nodded before pressing a button causing a blaring siren to go iff.
As the quantrons hurried around the ship Elgar stood making a note. "Okay, no insects and no french trainers. Hey where's the fire?"
Ecliptor walked onro the bridge.
"Ecliptor reporting Zordon, my princess. How may I serve you?" He asked.
"Prepare all the quantrons. I have a plan for the next time we meet the Rangers."
"It will be done Astronema." Ecliptor nodded.
Back on Planet Earth, the Rangers had left the megazords. They were all in the Park. Cassie was at the front and she raced off when she saw what they were looking for. Waspicable was sat crying next to a bush and some trees. As Cassie ran towards him she demorphed and the other Rangers followed, still in their suits.
"Are you okay?" Cassie asked worriedly.
"Yeah. He just winged me." Waspicable replied.
"Thank you. You helped me out big time back there."
"It's okay. I'm sorry too." Waspicable said sadly. " I never wanted to hurt anyone. I just wanted to be good at spmething. But I guess I'm not fit to be a monster. What a failure!" He cried.
"Being nice isn't a failure." Cassie reassured him. "It's exactly the opposite. You have a big heart. That's not a failure."
"Maybe it wouldn't be if I was human." Waspicable sighed. "But I'm not. I don't even know what I am anymore." Waspicanle turned away from Cassie and the Rangers but a small cry caught his attention.
"What's that?" he asked, looking up to see Sherry walking back, wiping the tears away from her eyes.
"I'm the one who made her cry!" Waspicable despaired, crying himself before suddenly disappearing. He had turned into a small yellow bll of energy.
"Where are you going?" Cassie asked before sighing. The Rangers behind her wat hed becore Andros, Carlos, TJ and Ashley all powered down. Maddi hung back slightly, still as the Purple Ranger. The boys walked towards Cassie and Ashley topped to look back at Maddi.
"You okay?" she asked concernedly. Maddi nodded before saying that she'd stay put for now.
"Are you ever going to trust us?" Ashley asked sadly.
"I trust you. I really do!" Maddi said. "It's just... Complicated."
"Okay." ashley nodded before walking over to join the others.
"Well, do you think he'll stay good or turn evil?" She asked.
"I don't know. But I hope he comes - " carlos was cut off by TJ as he pointed into the air.
The small yellow ball of energy had helped bring back the balloons that Sherry had lost previously and she giggled happily as she clutched them tightly.
"I have a feeling he'll be good." Cassie smiled. "Forever."

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