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Pax Galactica - A Space Opera by CharlesSmith9
Pax Galactica - A Space Operaby Charles Smith
Humanity has built for itself a near-utopia with no more use for violence. Someone has to protect it. Sam Decker is a man without purpose. The perfect, strife-less techn...
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The Human's Possessive Alpha Mate by xStranger_Strangerx
The Human's Possessive Alpha Mateby Ali
"Hello Alexandria. My name is Jace and you are mine."
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Ranger Rising by FieryArtemis
Ranger Risingby Francesca Moody
Everyone has their place in the world. Fate is inescapable so it does little good to fight it. Lena Rivers has been told this her entire life. She's a farmer's daughter...
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Rangers of the North (Aragorn) by emmaofthe9fingers
Rangers of the North (Aragorn)by Emma
War is brewing, and the people of Middle Earth are preparing for it. Among them is Averael: a Ranger from the North, and one of the last of the Dunedain. While on her wa...
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LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT| GILAN X...by Mortimer Twigglebottom Smythe
[[ONGOING]] Y/N is the eldest out of twelve children in her family. Her parents aren't able to support their family, so she goes into stealing, which is dangerous with...
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The Purple Ranger *Power Rangers in space* by lucypie555
The Purple Ranger *Power Rangers i...by lucypie555
Maddison is a girl from planet KO-35. She is best friends with Andros , Zhane and Karone. When she was a young child Maddison had an accident causing her to forget her o...
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Taming the silence (an Aragorn story) by realbluewolf123
Taming the silence (an Aragorn sto...by JustAnotherWriter03
Aeryn is a ranger and that's all she will ever be. She is quiet and doesn't talk much but she is no mute. She is skilled with weapons and has experienced war but she is...
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Red Ranger Rising(Red Ranger male reader x rwby Harem) by stevethealbino
Red Ranger Rising(Red Ranger male...by stevethealbino
Your world was destroyed by an old friend,now you've been sent to a new world to protect it from the creatures of grimm and the evil forces that come from within.... But...
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Hood » LotR ((ON HOLD)) by rh27writer
Hood » LotR ((ON HOLD))by R.H.Writer
❝ Hood. Robin Hood, at your service. ❞ Robin wasn't sure how he managed to get caught in the middle of a war. Perhaps it was stealing King Elessar's sword. Or maybe his...
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Rangers Apprentice: Return of the Dead by SilverOakleaf
Rangers Apprentice: Return of the...by SilverOakleaf
Book Two Book One: The Hidden Ranger Daniel Treaty, son of courier Alyss Mainwaring and the late Will Treaty, the greatest Ranger Araluen had ever known besides the Lege...
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My Rowdy Cowboy.  (3B Ranch Series) Book 2 by _Becca_Lynn__
My Rowdy Cowboy. (3B Ranch Series...by Rebecca Lynn
With the eighth anniversary of his twin brother's death during a military detail drawing near, Randy (Rowdy) Kincaid bolted upright in bed, breathing heavily. Rowdy, a h...
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More Than A Female by MidnightMoonlight15
More Than A Femaleby Middy
Alyssa is a female ranger. But not just any ranger, she is the sister to Aragorn. She's misunderstood and always told she can't fight, so she decided to prove them all w...
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Pokemon Ranger: The Hero of Oblivia by CelticCutie
Pokemon Ranger: The Hero of Obliviaby Hachi
My version of Pokemon: Guardian Signs. The difference between my version and canon? Their protagonist is silent, mine is everything but. Everything will be in Summer's...
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To Steal the Heart of a Thief {Pokemon Ranger Fanfiction} (Pokemon Watty Awards 2015) by Serena-Daniels
To Steal the Heart of a Thief {Pok...by Serena E. Daniels
As I write this letter to you, all I have to say is... I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I lied to all three of you. Living a life of lies has taught me that it comes with a pri...
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The Hollow Grove: The Companions [Book 2] by matthewbrownstories
The Hollow Grove: The Companions [...by Matthew Brown ☕️
Haygen, the soft-hearted Barbarian, is on a quest to find his Druid mother. His three companions wouldn't dare let him travel to the Far East alone. The Eastern lands...
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Hero (power rangers Spd/ sky tate love story) by bandgeekof2018
Hero (power rangers Spd/ sky tate...by 🌻
Ashley Holland is basically a daughter of a power ranger but her mom died in a battle. Now she hang with z and jack who are just like her, then they get caught by spd c...
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Pokémon ranger-Mon aventure [TERMINE] by L0ve_Despair
Pokémon ranger-Mon aventure [TERMI...by L0ve_ Despair
Et dire que je devais vivre une vie paisible avec ma petite famille dans un nouveau village à Almia. Mais il a fallu qu'un événement chamboule tout pour que je devienne...
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Our Forbidden Love-an LOTR imagine by MareBarrowNewt
Our Forbidden Love-an LOTR imagineby MareBarrowNewt
"I surrender! I surrender!" You gasp between giggles. He stops tickling you, letting his hands rest on your hips. The horse flies through The Shire, parting t...
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The Ranger by SashaSandy1
The Rangerby Lellwen (Colleen)
Those who don't know me fear me, for I pass like a shadow in the night. Unseen, and unheard until I am right in front of you. I am a ranger, a Dûnedain to be exact. Ther...
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The Rogue Tribe - Ranger's Apprentice by 8trustthecloak8
The Rogue Tribe - Ranger's Apprent...by 8trustthecloak8
It's just another regular Gathering, good food, good people, old friends reunited. Something Will and Halt look forward too every year. Then something happens that chan...
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