When push comes to shove (1)

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* Narrator *
Cassie was sitting in the Surf Spot cafe, sticking a photo of her and Ashley into her diary when Adele came over. Hurriedly she shut the book. Adele looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
"Well, what's the big secret?" She asked?
"Nothing. Just my diary." Cassie admitted.
"Diary? Young lady you are just too charming for words. I used to have a diary." Adele began. " Every night under my covers I wrote down everything. Pages and pages."
"So what happened to it?" Cassie asked curiously.
" My brother found it an tortured me forever." Adele said glumly. But don't you worry. Time was I grew bigger than him, h paid for it - tenfold." Adele said with a laugh before leaving Cassie to go an clear another table. Cassie finished her drink and casually glanced at her watch before realizing the time. Hurriedly she stuffed everything into her bag and raced out of the cafe.
*          *          *
Outside a big building Professor Phenomenous was talking to a group of people and a few reporters.
"I have developed... The most powerful Plutonium fuel, ever made!" He declared, whisking the cover off a stand an revealing a tube of blue liquid. The reporters gasped and moved closer.
"And with it," he continued, "I will send my two assistants up into the universe to find... Aliens!"  he declared as Bulk and Skull walled out of the van dressed in silver outfits.
Suddenly a reporter spoke up.
"Professor isn't it true that if the canister breaks open it could destroy the entire city?" She asked.

"Yes, Sure," He replied, " But how could it break open? It will be in my laboratory at the top of the Skyscraper." He pointed to the building behind him. "And why should it spill?" He asked. As he spoke he gestured with his hands which unfortunately caused him to knock the canister over. The reporters cried out and ducked but Bulk, who had been standing next to the professor with Skull had managed to reach out for it, eventually tucking it firmly under his shoulder.

"It's okay. It's all right." The professor urged. A voice called out from the crowd,

"Professor, can you tell us how you expect to protect the plutonium from those who may want to use it for evil purposes?" As the reporter asked this Astronema, who had been hiding in the crowd smiled evilly. If she could get the whole building to fall down then the city would be destroyed.

"And is it safe?" The reporter continued.

"Completely." Professor Phenomenous reassured the crowd.

*          *         *

In the high school Ashley and Cassie were going down the steps. Ashley was talking to Cassie.

"You don't understand. I fell into a pile of... Yuck. Anyway, luckily it was just a dream." She chuckled.

"Oh, the other day I was writing down the best dream in my diary,"  Cassie said excitedly. "I was flying..." She began, spreading her arms. Suddenly she stopped and a thoughtful look appeared on her face. It then turned to fear. She slung her backpack off her shoulder and placed it on the drinking fountain. She then rifled through her bag searching desperately for something.

"What is it?" Ashley asked.

"My diary." Cassie answered,"I put it in here. I think. Wait." She said thinking back to that morning when she had hurried out of the Cafe. "I think I left it at the Surf Spot!" She exclaimed.

"OK, calm down it's not the end of the world." Ashley reassured her.

"Actually..." Cassie began, "I might have put in a picture of me as... the Pink Ranger." She admitted.  Ashley looked up worriedly before saying,

"In that case don't calm down! Come on." As they hurried down the hall they didn't notice the two guys walking towards them. One of them had long blonde hair and was short and the other had short brown hair and was tall. The blonde one was talking,

"The monster truck just totally peeled out onto the side, flipped over..." The guy was explaining excitedly when suddenly Ashley and Cassie crashed into them.

"Sorry." Cassie said as she and Ashley picked up their bags and books.

"Hello ladies, I'm George." The blonde guy introduced himself. " And this suave hunkola is my buddy Lenny." He said placing a hand on Lenny's shoulder. " We have a deal for you, miss Cassie," George continued,

"A deal? What do you mean a deal?" She asked.

"You see we've got something you want." George told her as Lenny pulled out the pink diary from his trouser pocket.

"My diary! Oh thank you." Cassie breathed a sigh of relief. " Where did you find it?" She asked, reaching out for it.

"Uh-Uh-Uh, not so fast." George told her, taking the diary out of Lenny's hand and out of Cassie's reach. "You can have it, but first you've got to go on a date with Lenny." George said with a smile, pointing at his friend.

"A date?" Cassie asked. George nodded and looked at Lenny who shyly nodded his head.

"But that's blackmail." Cassie told him.

"Come on." George sighed. "Maybe you'll have fun. You and Lenny have a lot in common. Lenny likes to write to. Don't you Lenny?" George asked. Lenny didn't answer.

"Well of course, If you don't meet us at 2:00 pm in the park, we might just not have anything to do, except ... maybe read a page or two." George said as he took out a pin and picked the lock on the diary. Cassie gasped and reached out to grab it but yet again George pulled it out of her reach.

"See you there, 2:00 pm sharp." He said with a wink. They then walked away leaving Cassie and Ashley to share hopeless glances.

"So what do I do?" Cassie asked. " I mean, I have to get it back."
"Well, it looks like you're going on a date with Lenny."

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