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Darling || Jasper Hale ✔ by JuliaKKxoxo
Darling || Jasper Hale ✔by XOXOJuliaXX
{Completed} Madison Swan and her twin sister Bella Swan went to live with Charlie because their mother is travelling around with Phill. What Madison didn't expect was fa...
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Alpha Mine by Anoxiia
Alpha Mineby Anoxiia
"Maddison, You cant deny wanting me." Hunter whispered in my ear while he had me pinned up on to my locker. He was right. I couldn't deny the tingles I get fr...
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The Purple Ranger *Power Rangers in space* by lucypie555
The Purple Ranger *Power Rangers lucypie555
Maddison is a girl from planet KO-35. She is best friends with Andros , Zhane and Karone. When she was a young child Maddison had an accident causing her to forget her o...
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"Life Is A Rainbow."  by Harry_Potterfan2007
"Life Is A Rainbow." by lams
John Laurens has a terrible life though hides it from everyone except his close friend Margarita (Peggy) Schuyler and Alexis Hamilton, Alex's twin. he's also homo so ye...
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Managing The Mischief ~ Sequel to A Master of Mischief by xXMade2LoveXx
Managing The Mischief ~ Sequel Scarlett
Set ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Managing The Mischief is the sequel to A Master of Mischief. Maddie and George now have a true Weasley family, as do the rest...
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Goddess of Lies and Mischief (Gabriel) **Coming Soon** by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Goddess of Lies and Mischief ( Lone-wolf-fanfics
Gabriel's been posing as his soulmate Loki for many, many, many years, but now she's back looking for revenge. But all is not as it seems. What happens when it's discov...
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Before us by ni_Imaginator
Before usby ♡x
My eyes scan up to the tall dark-haired boy. Since when did he appear? And why is he in my apartment? He can see that I'm clearly startled by his presence but he doesn...
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Fuckboys and Heartbreak Girls by KissforKara
Fuckboys and Heartbreak Girlsby Kara
Everybody knows a fuckboy, and everybody knows a heartbreak girl. They are easy to spot and always have one thing in common: they don't fall in love. It's the only rule...
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Slow Down by wolvesinrosewood
Slow Downby wolvesinrosewood
*BANG* Screams. Painful, screams. *BANG* Madison Beer was just 17 when her mother died. Shipped off by her father, she took up residence with her Aunt Jessie and cousin...
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My Four Boy Best Friend And Me[ON-GOING] by Poser_Spring
My Four Boy Best Friend And Me[ Jessieknoxx
Si Maddison Ziah Collins ay maswerteng nagkaroon ng mapapagkatiwalaan,mababait,protective,at higit sa lahat ay Hindi sya iiwan na apat boy best friend. Magkababata ang m...
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Jessica's Journey by Prongs_Hamilton_09
Jessica's Journeyby Prongs_Hamilton_09
Read the first chapter to understand! A Hamilton fan fiction! I will do a full edit when it is done! ---- "-Shot!" I grabbed my shot and downed it grinning pro...
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Love Lies ~ James Maddison by lucyengland12
Love Lies ~ James Maddisonby lucyengland12
Elizabeth meets James in London and immediately they click, but what's she hiding from him? And will it jeopardise everything they have?
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The Betas famous Mate by jordanbieber13
The Betas famous Mateby jordanbieber13
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Survival of the fittest  by fanficgalxxx
Survival of the fittest by fanficgalxxx
ITV2s survival of the fittest
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Afraid by ali120ali
Afraidby Cool kid
Alex is the new kid at school She has some dark secrets What happens when she meets Maddison De La Garza She meets Demi Demi ends up hating her Lots and lots of drama
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Addison: The life she would have. by Bella_8080
Addison: The life she would Bella
*EDITED* Basically Addek trash with hints of Maddison... ngl. Based very loosely on the What/if episode Disclaimer: DON'T OWN GREY'S OR PRIVATE PRACTICE- ALL RIGHTS SHON...
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My Bad Boy by RenaeEmma
My Bad Boyby Emma Dilemma
What the hell are you doing? He asked Obviously I'm poking this car. Well stop. No. You look like a creep. You are a creep. Shut up, Princess. Crap. ------- Maddison How...
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Adopted By One Direction by Magical_Unicorns_
Adopted By One Directionby Magical_Unicorns_
Landed in the worst orphanage when I was only 3 weeks old, but now I'm 4 years old. They treated me like dirt there, and made me do everything. I'm glad I got taken out...
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Maddison Grier by jodieecho123
Maddison Grierby jodieecho123
This story is about hayes Grier's twin sister she looks a lot like her brothers but in a small package as she is only like 4.9 ft tall. This is her life and seeing how i...
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Beautiful Regardless    by JazmineLuv
Beautiful Regardless by Jazmine
Maddison was just a little overweight. All she needed was happiness ... "You're beautiful regardless." "Don't lie to me." (Justin Bieber fan fic)
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