Delta discovery (2)

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Back on the planet the Phantom Ranger was fighting the Piranhatrons.
"Get him already, this is so boring!" Divatox complained.
"Go! Tell them to move quickly. There'll be more rangers after the phantom."
Divatox was talking to the Piranhatrons who were struggling under the weight of Zordon.
Suddenly the Phantom Ranger made himself blend into the background to avoid the Piranhatrons and he dashed past her, the area where he ran was almost invisible except from the rippled outline.
"Stop him!" She called angrily. The Ranger raced after Zordon.
"Stop!" He yelled but, before he could reach the piranhatrons, Astronema and her quantrons appeared in front of him.
"Get Zordon out of here." She commanded.
"The Phantom, alone? Good." She blasted him with her staff, causing him to go flying into a tree.
"Finish him off." She ordered and the quantrons raced towards him. He fought bravely but the quantrons were multiplying rapidly and the pirahnatrons had joined them.
*         *        *
Meanwhile the pirhanatrons and the quantrons were loading Zordon onto Divatox's ship.
Astronema and Divatox were both squabbling when Dark Specter appeared,
"Quiet! The Rangers must not find Zordon. Astronema, attack the Earth! The Rangers will protect it."
"As you wish, Dark Specter."
"As you wish..." Divatox mocked but was silenced by Astronema's glare.
"Divatox, leave with Zordon as soon as possible." Dark Specter commanded and begrudgingly she agreed, muttering about,
"Not getting any of the good gigs anymore."
*          *          *
"Oh no, they've taken Zordon." The Phantom Ranger declared as he watched Divatox's ship.
"You'll never get away!" He declared but before he could leave he was attacked from behind. Spinning round he came face to face with Ecliptor.
The Phantom Ranger gasped in surprise and fell to the floor after being struck down by Ecliptor's blade. Ecliptor overpowered the Ranger but before the quantrons and piranhatrons could advance and finish him off, Ecliptor raised his sword warningly.
"Wait. I will handle this alone. Be gone."
Ecliptor laughed menacingly and stepped towards the Phantom Ranger but a laser fired from a blaster collided with his chest, causing him to stumble back suprisedly.
"No, you don't, Ecliptor." Andros warned as the Rangers all raced to stand protectively in front of the Phantom Ranger.
"Power Rangers." Ecliptor growled.
"We got your message. Are you alright?" Cassie asked, helping the Ranger stand up.
"I'm okay." He assured.
"Seven of you at once and you still don't stand a chance against me." Ecliptor mocked the Rangers who stood bravely, ready to fight but not moments later he was adressing them again after being called back by Astronema.
"We'll finish this later." He then disappeared.
The Rangers watched the empty space where Ecliptor had been until they heard a groan from behind them.
"Are you sure you're alright?" Cassie asked concernedly as she clasped the Phantom's arm to steady him.
" Yes. I'll be fine," He tried to reassure them but his attempts were ruined as he stumbled again. Andros caught him and questioned him,
"Your message said Zordon was here."
"He was. But they took him."
"Then we're going to go after him." Andros decided. "Alpha, do you have a vapor trail on Dark Specter's ship?"
"We had it but... Ay-I-I! It's gone!"
"We can't give up." Andros decided.
*        *         *
The Rangers were helping The Phantom when suddenly, TJ's reciever beeped.
"Go ahead, Alpha."
"Astronema's sent a monster to earth. You must hurry, Rangers."
"We have to go back." Carlos said.
"I know." Andros nodded.
"But Andros, we're so close to Zordon." Ashley said, grabbing his arm. This movement caught Maddison's eye and she watched curiously.
"Yes, but we've got to protect your planet." Andros stood thinking for a moment until The Phantom Ranger spoke up.
"I'll go after Zordon. You are needed on Earth. This disk controls the Delta megaship."
"But Phantom Ranger, what about...?"Andros began but he was cut off by the Phantom.
"Please, take it." He panted.
"You guys get back to Earth," Andros commanded. "I'll find the Delta megaship and catch up with you later."
"You're going by yourself?" Ashley asked.
"I'll come with you." Maddi offered.
"No, you need to help the Rangers." Andros decided and she nodded understandingly. Carlos called for the Galaxy Gliders and the Rangers left, not noticing the Phantom Ranger collapsing behind them soon after they left.

*.         *.          *. 

"There's a disturbance at Angel Grove lake." Alpha informed us. I pulled up the viewing screen and on it a large crocodile monster was terrorising the people playing in the lake and on the nearby shore.
"Alright. Let's go!" TJ called.
We raced out of the control room and into the pipes which teleported us down to Earth.
* * *
"Hey!" I called, catching the attention of the monster. He turned to us angrily and with a roar attacked, pushing all of us out of the way and jumping onto TJ as he was last.
Carlos and I stood quickly and rushed to try and pull the monster off. With some effort we sent the crocodile backwards abd Cassie and Ashley shot it with their weapons. He fell to the floor but it felt it was too easy.
Suddenly he grew taller than the buildings near the lake.
"We need the Astro megazord!" TJ shouted. He called for the Ranger's zord while I called for mine,
"Mystic Megazord!"
The crocodile wrapped his tail around the Astro Megazord and pulled the Rangers forward. I grabbed him from behind and lifted him slightly into the air, causing the Rangers to drop out of his grip and roll away. The monster stepped backwards and bent one of it's legs, wrapping it round the leg of my zord so that my zord tripped and went crashing to the ground.
"Astro megazord saber!"
With a cheer the Rangers sliced the monster and I took their hand to stand myself up. Just as we were about to celebrate the monster split into two.
"What?" I questioned. "How...?"
"We could sure use some help." TJ shouted as both crocodiles charged. The first one caught the Rangers in its tail and flipped them to the ground. I took a step towards them but the other monster grabbed my zord. I yelled and twisted and turned in its grip but sparks errupted from my zord.
I yelled out and the Rangers managed to shoot a blaster, causing the monsters tail to recoil. I stood up with the help of my saber and struck down the monster that had begun striking the Rangers with it's tail. However before I could help them up I was thrown to the floor. Moments later the Ranger's zord appeared next to mine on the floor in just as bad a condition as mine was.
We had both taken many hits from the crocodiles when suddenly a large black and gold zord appeared. I crawled to ny knees.
"What in the world is that thing?" TJ, who was piloting the other zord, asked.
"It's the delta megazord!" I cried happily. I watched in awe as Andros helped the Astro Megazord up and then extended his hand towards me. I took it gratefully and stood next to him.
"Ready?" He asked.
* * *
We had arrived on the planet which we had left the Phantom on and we were now on a mission to find him.
"Okay, let's split up." Andros ordered. I nodded and walked in one direction with TJ and Andros while Cassie, Ashley and Carlos walked in the other direction.
"Phantom Ranger, are you here?"
"Phantom Ranger?" Our calls echoed throughout the forest.
"Hey what's this?" Cassie asked.
"It's a communication device." Andros said as he stepped forwards and pressed the red button on the top of the silver device.
"I knew you would return rangers."
"Phantom Ranger?" Cassie asked, crouching down in front of the device.
"But, I've left to follow Dark Specter. We must keep searching for Zordon, no matter how difficult the search might be. Until we meet again Rangers." With that the transmission ended and we were all silent. Cassie stood up slowly.
"He's gone."
"I know." Andros said consolingly. "Power down!" He called and all the Rangers did so. I saw their gazes flicker to me expectantly as they always did before looking away dissapointedly when I stayed suited up.
"We should get back." I said quietly and turned away after patting Cassie comfortingly on the shoulder. The Rangers began to follow me when suddenly the device started beeping again.
"I'll be alright Cassie. Please dont forget me. I'll see you soon."

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