The Wasp with a Heart (1)

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It was a beautiful sunny day and the flowers were in full bloom but a creature stood examining them.
"Ahh, look, they're so beautiful. So delicate." He sniffed them and released a happy sigh. The creature resembled a very large wasp and he had a strange buzzing undertone to his voice as he skipped and sang.
"Oh, yellow ones! I love yellow best of all." He cried happily as he knelt down in front of a patch of bright yellow flowers. Suddenly quantrons and another wasp creature emerged from the trees.
"That's him alright!" The wasp declared as a quantron pointed him out, bending over the yellow flowers still. "What in the hive does he think he's doing?!" He roared.
"You're evil Waspicable! You don't pick flowers!" He yelled, knocking the flowers out of the kind wasp's hands and consequently knocking him to the floor.
"But, I -" He stuttered.
"Oh quit your blubbering. You need to roar. And fire lasers!" He said, shooting a tree in the distance.
"Now, stand up and show me what you've got!" He demanded, crouching in front of the wasp who still lay on his back on the floor.
"No, no, no, no. I can't be like you Stingking. I can't blow things up. It's so loud and messy and - and - and it makes people mad." He stuttered as the quantrons lifted him to his feet.
"Just do it!" Stingking ordered.
"Yeah, right, I'll do it!" Waspicable shouted after a moments thought and a laser fired and hit a rock, obliterating it.
"Now, you see, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Stingking said. "Now just do that to the Power Rangers and put your name in the history books."
"Really? In the history books?" Waspicable asked, "Yeah, why not? Why couldn't I?" He mused. "Yeah! I'm as evil as they come." He cheered as Stingking laughed triumphantly.
I sat in the bridge, working at my console while Cassie did some maintenance checks with DECA.
"Okay, fuel systems?"
"Fuel flow normal."
I was splitting my focus, half on my console and half listening to Cassie when Alpha spoke up.
"There's been a disturbance in the forest." I stood up and walked over to the console where Alpha stood.
"You're right. Let's see what's wrong." I said, tapping a few buttons as Cassie came to stand behind me. I put the image up on the screen and three people seemed to be running away from something.
"I better check it out." Cassie decided.
"I'll come with you!" I called after her.
We landed in the forest and looked around for a moment.
"Let's see." Cassie said as she looked around aat the dense greenery. I heard a few frightened mumbles from behind me.
"Cassie! Over here." I called as we headed towards the noise, it sounded as though a creature was talking and the voice was accompanied by occasiaonal yells. We both started running and as we drew closer I spotted the creature. It looked like a very large, overgrown wasp. We both jumped together, legs out and we knocked the monster to the floor.
"We'll take it from here guys," I said, turning to the that stood behind us but they were only wearing underwear and their shirts.
"Sorry, we're not looking. Just go!" I called as Cassie urged on the Wasp.
"Alright you. Come on!"
"Wow, the Pink and Purple Rangers? This is cool!" He said excitedly before his tone changed completely, "I mean, just who I've been looking for."
"You've got a lesson to learn about manners." Cassie told him.
"I'll be teaching a lesson here. 'Cause I'm evil! Ha ha."  hd replied.

I watched as Cassie flew through the air after another attack from the wasp.
"Cassie!" I called as I charged again towards the wasp, landing a few punches before my arm was grabbed and wrenched backwards. I cried out and the wasp then shoved my bent arm, causing me to fall over. The wasp then neared me but before he got close Cassie attacked from behind, averting his attention from me to her. They then started fighting but the wasp seemed stronger. She managed to flip backwards away from him and land next to me.
"Now to blast you." The wasp declared.
"I don't think so." Cassie said as we brandished our weapons, dodging the lasers sent our way. I managed to slice his back as Cassie shot his front.
"Hey, what's the big idea?"
"Are you kidding? You're a monster, what did you expect?" Cassie asked as I ran to stand next to her again, shooting him with my astro blaster as he got closer.
"That does it!" The wasp yelled as he ran towards us both, knocking Cassie down and then aiming a blow at myself which knocked me to the floor too.
"Say goodbye, Power Rangers!" The wasp yelled as he held Cassie's weapon up, aiming it at the two of us. He stood for a moment with the weapon pointed at us before he started stuttering,
"I... Can't... I can't do it!" He cried helplessly. I stood up slowly, surveying him as he stared at the ground.
"He's not going to fire." I observed.
"He's a monster, with a heart." Cassie said, looking at me incredulously.
"Who me? A heart? Monsters don't have hearts. I'll prove it!" He growled, aiming the gun at us again.
"Wait!" I called, stepping in front of Cassie, my arm outstretched.
"Oh, it's no use. I'm a failure!" He cried sadly.
"Don't be so hard on yourself Waspicable." I said comfortingly.
"She's right, it's good that you didn't fire." Cassie added. Suddenly both Andros and TJ jumped into the clearing that we stood in, knocking Waspicable to the floor as Ashley and Carlos ran to aid them.
"Blasters ready!" They declared as they lined up in front of the creature. With a quick short glance at Cassie I nodded and we ran in front of the Rangers.
"Don't shoot!" Cassie cried desperately.
"Are you sure?" Andros asked, lowering his blaster slightly.
"He had a chance to destroy us but he didn't." I said as Cassie turned to Waspicable, extending a kind hand.
"You're supposed to be the enemy." Waspicable said, clutching his head, "but you stopped them from blasting me." He groaned confusedly before turning around, buzzing indistinctly and flying away as a small yellow dot.
"Don't go!" cassie called after him.
"Cassie, Maddi, are you okay?" Ashley asked, placing a gentle hand on our shoulders.
"Yeah." Cassie nodded, looking down slightly. Ashley turned her gaze to me.
"Yeah, but..."
"But what?" Carlos asked as he stood behind me.
"That monster. I think we hurt his feelings." I said as we all looked at the place where he had flown away.

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