Satellite search (2)

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The quantrons finished tying up the Rangers.
"What are you going to do with us Astronema?" Andros asked, while struggling to break free from the chains.
"I could destroy you now." She replied, lifting her staff,"But I've got something else in mind. I'll leave you here so Clawhammer can eat you for lunch!" She said with a little giggle. Suddenly Clawhammer's roar shook the ground.
"That's like ultra-evil!" Exclaimed Elgar with a laugh.
"I've outdone myself, haven't I?" Said Astronema.
"Again." Elgar replied unaware that Andros was focusing on the satellite disks that were poking out of his pocket.
"Goodbye Rangers. Forever!" Astronema declared as she walked away.
"All right you Rangers, Stay cool." Elgar said, mocking the Rangers as they were stuck in the heat but also unaware that Andros had managed to use telekinesis to make the satellite disks fall out of his pocket. Andros sighed in relief as the disks fell to the floor and Elgar and the quantrons left.

*          *          *

The Rangers had been struggling for some time when TJ spoke up,
"Man, we're about to become human appetizers!" Suddenly the ground trembled, yet again.
"What is it?" Asked Carlos.
"Whatever it is, here it comes!" Andros said urgently.
Suddenly from over the hill a large appeared.
*          *          *
"Rangers come in!" Alpha called desperately. "Oh, where are you?!"
"Communication links are overheated." DECA explained.
"Well you're the space computer. What do you suggest we do DECA?" Asked Alpha sassily.
"We can do a visual search." DECA offered.
"Well, I suppose it's better than nothing." Alpha said, pressing a few buttons on the control console.
"Changing visual to latitude 3-0." DECA said as the planet appeared on the viewing screen.
*          *           *

"It's getting closer!" Cassie exclaimed.
"There it is!" Carlos called.
"It's big!" Ashley added.
"And ugly too." Andros said.
*          *           *
"There they are!" Alpha called as the Rangers appeared on the viewing screen, still tied up.
"Oh, no, Rangers! There's nothing I can do to help from up here! Oh wait! If we can't help them maybe we can find someone who can help them." Alpha said,"DECA send a message..." Alpha began.
*          *          *

On the planet Clawhammer was nearing the Rangers with every gigantic step. Suddenly a  appeared. It was purple and black with a sharp sword clutched in its huge grip.
"What? This can't be." Andros said as the  and Clawhammer faced each other. Clawhammer threw a frisbee of energy at the megazord.
"Whoa! Mystic Megazord watch out!" Alpha called.
The megazord caught the frisbee with its sword and spun it round before firing it back at Clawhammer. Clawhammer roared as sparks erupted all around it.
"Mystic Megazord attack!" Alpha ordered.
"You got it!" Came the cheerful reply. The sword struck Clawhammer twice before Clawhammer managed to grab it. The mystic megazord managed to get the sword free but Clawhammer managed to strike it twice and grab its hand before using the horn on its head to damage the megazord.
"Oh no!" Alpha called.
"Who's controlling the megazord?" Asked TJ as the Rangers watched the megazord battling Cawhammer, some distance away from themselves. Sparks erupted from the Megazord as Clawhammer tightened his grip on the zord and then threw it off the side of the cliff towards a lava pit. He roared in triumph as the megazord gripped the side of the cliff,  struggling to hold on.
*          *          *
Andros was struggling in the chains when he looked to his right and saw his astro blaster.
"If I can just concentrate." He muttered to himself. The astroblaster started moving slwoly along the ground, inching its way towards where Andros' hand was open.
"Come on. Come on!" He said, concentrating. Suddenly the astroblaster flew into Andros' hand and he cheered before shooting at the chains that bound him and the other Rangers. They stood up and looked at the mystic Megazord.
"The Purple Ranger must be in there!" Ashley said to the other Rangers.
"Come on, we've got to hurry!" Andros said as he grabbed the satellite disks and he and the Rangers ran to where Clawhammer was trying to knock the Mystic Megazord into the lava pit. Suddenly a voice called out,
"I can't hold on much longer!"
"Hold on Ranger! Help is on its way!" Alpha called.
Just as Clawhammer raised a fist backwards to hit the mystic Megazord another hand gripped it. Clawhammer turned to face the Astro megazord. Clawhammer was thrown backwards and away from the Mystic Megazord.
"All right!"
"Yeah!" The Rangers called from inside the megazord that Alpha had managed to send down to the planet.
"Good job Alpha. You're safe Ranger." Andros adressed the Purple Ranger as the Mystic Megazord climbed up the cliff.
"Thanks guys!"

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