From out of nowhere (3)

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"Let's get them!" TJ yelled as they all raced out to fight. They started fighting the quantrons and the Red Ranger landed a flying kick on one of them.
"Yeah, that'll teach you." He said before Ashley called to him, warning him about the quantrons behind him. He spun around, grabbed the blade and punched the quantron.
After the fight TJ ran over to Cassie who was with Carlos and Ashley.
"You okay?" He asked.
"Yeah, I think so."
"Anything broken?" Ashley asked Carlos.
"Nothing I know of." Their attention was caught by the red ranger.
"Power down!" The ranger's suit was gone and instead a man stood there. He was young and good looking with. He wore a red top and grey trousers and jacket. Ashley, Carlos, TJ and Cassie exchanged looks. Ashley then started walking slowly forwards. She circled him as he stood watching her. Then she reached out a finger and poked his shoulder suspiciously.
"You're human." She stated.
"What'd you expect?" He asked looking at her.
"I don't know. I mean... You're not from earth are you?"
"Earth isn't the only place where humans live." He answered as though it was obvious." I'm from a space colony. KO-35. It's in the Karova system."
"So you're... from outer space?" TJ asked. The Red Ranger nodded and he chuckled.
"Incredible!" Carlos laughed.
"Well hey, i'm Cassie. It's really nice to meet you." Cassie said, stepping out from behind TJ and introducing herself.
"And I'm Ashley." Ashley said smiling at him.
"TJ" He said before reaching his hand forward for a handshake. The Red Ranger looked at TJ's hand accusingly and stepped back slightly. He then reached his hand forwards an shook TJ's.
"TJ..." He began."I'm called Andros."
Suddenly a robotic voice sounded.
"Andros I have completed the damage assessment ."
"Alright I'm on my way." He spoke into the morpher on his wrist. As he left Cassie walked over to Ashley and poked her, doing an impression of her.
"You're... Human?!"
"I didn't know! He could have been a... giant lizard!" She laughed.

*          *         *

Carlos was talking with DECA about Alphas frazzled  speech circuits.
"Connect terminal B-34 to terminal N-78."
"Easy for you to say. Do you know how many little terminals there are in here?"
"3,004,700,903" DECA replied and Carlos smiled, shaking his head. Suddenly there was a bang and the circuits which Carlo was working on fizzed and exploded. Carlos jumped back in surprise and Alpha started speaking in gibberish.
"I'm sorry Alpha, It's pretty complex in here."

*          *          *

TJ, Cassie, Ashley and Andros were outside the ship while Andros fixed a control panel. It was a desert like environment.
"If the space shuttle can't make it to Eltar, We'll set a new course for the Cimmarian planet." TJ was saying to Ashley and Cassie but Andros cut him off.
"They've already left the Cimmarian planet."
"How do you know?" Asked TJ.
"I was just there."
"Well Zordon, did you see him?" Ashley questioned stepping towards Andros.
"Dark Specter has Zordon and he's draining all his powers." Andros said before walking over to his tool kit, leaving Ashley, Cassie and TJ conused.
"But if Zordon loses his powers ..." TJ began.
"We're all history!" Cassie finished for him.
"Zordon is strong it's going to take some time before Dark specter can take away all the power." Andros said reassuringly. " Which gives me some time."
"You? We're all in this together." Cassie said. Andros looked at her before shaking his head and walked away after closing the panel. The three left behind looked at each other and followed Andros back onto the ship.

*          *          *

Carlos was still trying to help Alpha when Andros walked in with Ashley, Cassie and TJ following.
"But we all have the same goal." TJ urged."To protect Zordon."
"You're planetary rangers, from earth. What do you know about space?" Asked Andros and TJ stepped back looking thoughtful.
"Nothing I guess."
"Exactly." Andros said before climbing a ladder to a platform.
"DECA, Let's test these engines."
"I am beginning engine test sequence now." As the engines started functioning Cassie, TJ and Ashley walked over to Carlos and Alpha.
"Carlos any luck?" TJ asked.
"I can't  fix his speech boards. We'll have to wait till we get back to earth." He said.
"Let me see." Said Andros from behind them. They moved out of the way and Andros looked at the circuits before taking Alpha to the corner of the room to repair him.
"Alpha, what is your mission?"
"My mission is to protect the power rangers in their quest to protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team known as the power rangers." He said, his voice changing throughout the sentence until it finally stopped changing pitch.
"AY-YI-YI-YI-YI! I can speak again. This is fantastic. I thought I'd never be understood again. YIPPEE!"   Alpha cheered walking over to the rangers.
"I don't have a computer chip with his old voice." Andros apologized.
"Oh that's alright Andros. I'm quite happy with this one thank you." Alpha said , turning to the man who had enabled him to speak again.
"Thanks man." TJ said to Andros.
"Andros where are you going?" Cassie asked.
"I'm going to check out your space shuttle, make sure it can make it back to Earth." He said before walking off, leaving the rangers.

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