Craterite invasion (2)

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Maddison P.O.V*
"Alpha, bring Andros, TJ and Ashley up on the viewing screen."
"Of course, Maddison." Alpha chirped. I watched nervously as I saw the builders surrounding Ashley, TJ and Andros.
"Why is my monitor reading a load of Craterites surrounding their position?" I wondered aloud. It was then that the construction workers morphed back into their Craterite form.
"Of course they took human form." Andros said.
"They could be all over the city." I told them as I ordered Alpha to search the city for Craterite readings.
"We're going to need some help." Ashley said.
"On my way." I declared as I also informed Cassie and Carlos of the problem.
* * *
I sprinted to the construction site and turned the corner at the same time as Cassie and Carlos, Carlos grabbed my arms so as not to run into me.
"Hey!" I nodded breathlessly, "No time to talk. Let's go!" I ordered as I started to run towards where Ashley, TJ and Andros were stood.
"You three got here just in time." Andros told us as we faced the Craterites.
"These guys are everywhere." I heard TJ say.
"Let's do this!" Andros called as we all charged. I sent Craterites flying as they all converged on us. We seemed to be beating them. I was just about to land a blow on one of the monsters when he was taken out by TJ.
"Hey!" I cried but he only shrugged in reply with a small laugh before hitting yet another Craterite.
"Well that takes care of them." Ashley said breathlessly as we all assembled again.
"Yeah but that's only the beginning." Carlos said. Suddenly Andros' morpher beeped.
"Go ahead Alpha. More Craterites at the beach? We're on our way." He said, looking at us. We all nodded in agreement before heading in the direction of the beach.
When we got there we looked around at the rocks until a flash of purple and yellow caught my eye.
"Over there!" I announced. I jumped in unison with Andros and we both landed a few feet apart. Almost instantly the Craterites were upon us. I took out my weapon,
"Mystic Sword!" I declared. I swung it round, destroying many of the monsters.
"That sure did the trick!" TJ cheered as we all assembled yet again.
"Now we know why we couldn't find them, they were disguised as humans." Ashley told us.
"Cassie, I wonder if that's what freaked Patrick out." Carlos directed his words towards the Pink Ranger.
"Patrick! Of course!" She exclaimed and she raced off, following her.
* * *
We arrived at the small house that Patrick lived in and Cassie knocked on the door urgently. After a minute the door slowly opened and a little head peered round.
"Power Rangers!" Patrick exclaimed, opening the door fully.
"Come on let's get you out of here." Cassie said, grabbing Patrick's hand and running away.
"Let's split up." Andros decided.
"Right." Ashley agreed as she ran off with TJ and Carlos. I followed Andros and Cassie, who still clutched Patrick's hand. As we walked down the path a police officer walked towards us.
"Uh-oh." I heard Patrick whisper. Andros obviously heard it too as he placed a hand on Patrick's shoulder.
"It's okay, it's only an officer."
"Or not!" I added as it transformed into a Craterite in front of our eyes. The Craterite then waved it hands in a gesture to beckon the other Craterites towards us. Suddenly Patrick broke loose of Cassie's hand.
"Patrick!" I called as he sprinted away. Luckily Patrick's mum pulled up and Patrick jumped into the car.
"Get out of here. Hurry!" I told his mum as Cassie and Andros backed away from the Craterites that kept coming round the corner.
"We better get out of here too!" Andros told us as Cassie raced past. He grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled me along too as I looked back over my shoulder at the masses of Craterites. We ran until we got to a forest and Cassie began to slow down.
"Come on, they're right behind us!" Andros shouted. Suddenly Cassie stopped altogether and I would have run into her if it hadn't been for Andros grabbing mu upper arm.
"Careful." We then looked up to see why Cassie had stopped.
"We're surrounded." She announced as the Craterites started closing in on all sides. I ducked and rolled out of the way of a couple of Craterites, punching another out of my way. I looked over and saw Cassie doing the same. But when I looked over at Andros I saw he was struggling. I was about to help him when a painful surge shot through my head and broken images flickered through my minde. I groaned and clutched my helmet in my hands, falling to my knees.
"Satellite stunner!" I heard Cassie call and I looked in time to see her running towards Andros who knelt on the floor.
"Andros!" She called. I struggled to my feet and raced to them both.
"Are you okay?" She asked as we helped him up.
"Yeah, but there's too many of them." He said, talking about the fact that we were still surrounded by Craterites.
"The others are on their way." Cassie reassured him as we grabbed our astroblasters.
"Where are they all coming from?" I asked as their numbers seemed to be multiplying at an alarming rate.
"I don't know but we need to find a way to stop them." Cassie replied.
"Who's that?" I turned around from where I had thrown one of the Craterites towards a tree at Andros' exclamation. Walking towards us was a very menacing looking Craterite with the Purple and Yellow body but Black head and boots. He growled evilly and shot firebolts at us. We fell to the floor groaning but we were then dragged along the floor and to his feet. Suddenly I felt electric shock my whole body and I cried out before we were sent flying again. I landed next to Andros and I raised my head weakly to check that he was okay. I then looked back over my shoulder at the Black Craterite who raised his hand again. I cringed internally as he walked towards us, hand outstretched. Suddenly he flew through the air as Ashley, TJ and Carlos arrived.
"Nothing we do has any effect on them." Andros explained as Carlos helped him up. I thanked TJ as he reached down a hand for me to stand up with.
"Try this." Carlos said, handing Andros his weapon.
"DECA reprogrammed it using the data from the simudeck. So long as they haven't mutated it should be fine."
"It's time for you to go back to the world of computer simulation." Andros called as he raised his weapon. "Activate program. Fire!" We cheered as they fell to the ground but then they stood up again, all gathering around the Black Craterite. I watched, confused as to what they were doing.
"They're merging!" Carlos exclaimed as they grew so that they were towering over us.
"Great! Just great!" I mumbled as the Rangers headed off, calling.for their megazord.
"Oh well... R.I.K.I! Mystic Megazord!"
* * *
I managed to land next to the Ranger's megazord but they had already started fighting. I cheered as they struck a blow, causing the Giant Craterite to have a hole but it healed itself.
"What?!" I exclaimed.
"We need more power!" TJ called, "I'll transfer DECA's simulator data into the Astro Megazord's blaster.
"Good thinking TJ!" I heard Andros say. As the data was computing I watched the Giant Craterite march towards the Astro Megazord. I jumped in front of them protectively and caught the blow intended for them.
"Hey! You scratched the paintwork!" I cried indignantly. "Well, now you're gonna pay." I said, raising my sword above my head. I managed to hit it a few times but there was little impact due to the fact that it healed itself. Eventually I heard Andros call for me to stand back and I happily obeyed. I watched as the laser hit the arm and a few Craterites fell to the floor.
"We have to hit the leader." Cassie informed us.
"He's on the chest." I told them.
Suddenly Andros called,
"Watch out!" With a gasp I span around, reaching my arm up. I manged to grab the arm of the Giant Craterite and I flung him backwards. Unfortunately he landed on his feet. I stepped backwards as the Astro megazord aimed it's blaster at the monster. I watched as the laser hit the centre of the chest and I cheered as the Giant Craterite was destroyed.
* * *
"Wait so they were left in nothing but their underwear!" I gasped with laughter as I sat in the kitchen at the table with Ashley, TJ, Cassie and Carlos. Ashley was describing the antics of Bulk and Skull, two guys that they knew from school. I laughed happily as I finished my food, I then stretched and excused myself from the room, leaving Cassie, Ashley, Carlos and TJ all laughing and chatting happily. I turned the corner and gasped as I nearly ran into someone.
"Andros?" I asked. He was staring absent mindedly at the floor.
"Hmm?" He asked looking up.
"Are you alright?"
"Oh it's just, I was reminded of someone. Your laugh, it sounded like someone I knew, long ago."
I gulped nervously. "Oh really? What a coincidence." I nodded nervously. "Well, I'd best be going."

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