The Delta Discovery (1)

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Piranahtrons stood guard round a strange bubbling machine as Divatox marched towards it, a wicked grin on her face.
She faced the machine and yelled an order,
"Take him away!" The Piranhatrons did as they were ordered and rolled down a sheet to cover the contents of the machine.
One of the Piranhatrons that guarded the perimeter spun around as he heard a small woosh from behind him. The almost invisible outline of a figure darted away into the trees as the Piranhatron marched up to Divatox and whispered in her ear. She listened intently before chuckling evilly.
*          *          *
The Phantom Ranger raced through the jungle, crushing bushes and palm leaves as he did so until he believed he was a safe enough distance away. He took a device out of his pocket and placed it on the ground before speaking,
"Rangers, Dark Specter's holding Zordon on the planet Hercuron. Sector 446.78. When you get this message come quickly. There's very little time before... Huh?" He heard movement from behind him so quickly he told the Rangers to hurry before snapping up the device and loading it into a gun, preparing to shoot it up into space. Suddenly a blast hit his hand, causing him to drop the gun to the floor. He looked up in surprise, clutching his hand as Divatox stalked towards him like a lion.
"The Phantom Ranger." She sneered. The Ranger watched her curiously before diving to his left.
"Get him!" She yelled. The piranhatrons made a grab for The Phantom Ranger but he kicked away one of them, causing a domino effect. He flipped over and hit a few more but they kept on multiplying. Luckily he had managed to grab the gun when he dived away and, with much difficulty, he shot it into the air, finally being overpowered. The device flew through the planet's atmosphere and into space.
*Maddison P.O.V*
I was sitting in the bridge while the other rangers ate in the kitchen or did repairs around the ship. I stared with a blank expression at the screen in ftont of me. Suddenly DECA spoke up,
"Emergency signal intercepted." My eyes widened as I called into the intercom,
"Hey, guys. You might wanna be here for this."
Moments later I heard running footsteps and the Rangers filtered in.
"What's this about an emergency signal?" TJ asked as he entered.
"It's a message..." I began, typing frantically at the control console.
"From... The Phantom Ranger?"
"The Phantom?" Cassie asked but the viewing screen came to life as I pressed the recieve button. We all raced in front of the control consoles to get a better look. I gasped as I recpnised the Black Ranger who knelt down on the screen in front of us.
After we recieved the message Andros ordered us to set a course for Hercuron. As I did so I remered the first time I had met The Phantom Ramger.
*         *          *
I was following a lead that I had found in my search for Zordon on a distant planet. It was from a vague and slightly sketchy informant but I needed to find Zordon. The planet I had landed on was a marshy, wet, foggy place. I was sloshing through an area, dense with trees when I heard a noise. I dived behind a tree as a group of foot soldiers marched past. I cursed silently, it was a trap. I began to walk away in the other direction but my foot involuntarily fell into a deep hole, filled with water that created a large splash.
"Damn it!" I hissed as I began to ran, the footsteps getting closer. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and I yelled as I wrenched my arm free from the soldier. I knocked him backwards and sents a kick towards another one, flipping backwards to gain more space to survey my surroundings. I was backed into a corner and despite my best efforts the soldiers were still coming. Suddenly a blast sounded and many soldiers fell. I looked around in surprise as a Ranger, clad in black with a glistening ruby in his chest advanced, shooting at the soldiers. Seeing him gave me a spark of determination and I pulled out my own weapon, spinning it round and destroying almost half of the soliders.
Once they were gone the ranger grabbed my arm and pulled me away.
"Quick, before anymore come." I nodded and followed him as we weaved in and out of the trees, using the mist as cover.
"Thank you." I said when we finally stopped.
"My pleasure, Mystic Ranger." I looked at him in surprise.
"You know who I am?" I asked.
"Of course. And you know who I am."
"How could I not, Phantom Ranger."
*          *          *
"Shields and weapons ready." Cassie called as we all got into our positions.
"Course set to Hercuron." Carlos said after I nodded confirmation.
"Set to Hyper Rush Nine." Andros ordered. TJ pressed a few buttons before confirming,
"Hyper Rush Nine." Andros then flipped the lever and we entered Hyperspace.

Short chapter but I really wanted to update. I've been super busy recently, especially with exams and revision so I will try and update when I can.
Love you all

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