When push comes to shove (2)

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Maddison P.O.V
I was on the astromegaship with TJ, Carlos and Andros. I groaned as I got up from my bunk. I had fallen asleep again due to tge fact that I hadn't got any sleep the night before. Dreams had haunted me and I would wake up to find that I couldn't get back to sleep. They weren't scary but they seemed like memories. That was what scared me.
* * *
A young Maddison was walking through the fields of her home planet KO-35 when suddenly a cry of "MADDI!" Cut through the still air. Maddi turned in surprise to see her best friend Andros running frantically towards her. He suddenly grabbed her hand and yanked her arm so that she was running next to him.
"We're playing hide and seek." Andros whispered as they hid behind one of the trees at the edge of the field. The two laughed silently together as they gripped each others hand tightly.
* * *
What puzzled me was how I could forget Andros. What would he think. Maybe he felt as though I'd abandoned him. I sighed heavily. This was just another reason not to show them who I was. I'd probably made a mistake by revealing my name. I sighed again before standing and putting on my helmet. I wasn't going to sleep in it.
I walked onto the bridge to see TJ, Carlos and Andros discussing the images on the viewing screen.
"Mega tank's sweet Andros." Carlos said.
"Yeah it is," TJ agreed. "But why do we need a new vehicle?"
"We don't know where Zordon's being held. It could be a planet with rough terrain. We have to be ready for anything."
"It looks pretty cool too." I added, making the guys turn around. Andros shook his head jokingly and TJ and Carlos laughed.
"What?" I asked with a smile as the three walked over to their seats and the panels on the walls.
* * *


It was 2pm and Cassie was in the park with both Lenny and George.
"Lenny was on the football team. He made 12 tackles in the last game." George said to Cassie as they strode across the park, Lenny in tow.
He can bench over 200 pounds and he knows everything about cars, sports cars, monster trucks, motorcycles. He can do anything." George explained while Cassie sighed quietly and shove her hands in her pockets.
"Well, if he can do anything, why can't he talk?" Asked Cassie. "I mean, this is supposed to be his date too."
Lenny started to open his mouth when George cut in,
"He never talks, except to me. See, he always says something stupid. That's why I had to get him this date." George explained. Suddenly Cassie stopped walking which caused the other two to stop as well.
"Erm, you know, I'm dying of thirst. Lenny are you thirsty?" She asked, turning to look up at his tall frame.
"I'll bet he is. And so am I." George chirped. "Hey I'll go get us some sodas. Be right back." He waved and jogged away. As soon as he was out of earshot Cassie turned to Lenny,
"Come on, let's ditch him." She smiled.
The two had run behind a tree when they finally stopped running.
"Oh man." Cassie said with a smile on her face. "Aw, hey, you don't really need George to be on a date with you. Do you?" Cassie asked.
"Well, uh... I mean, I guess... No."Lenny said shaking his head.
"Good. So let's go have some fun. Just you and me." Cassie smiled kindly at Lenny.
"Okay." Lenny smiled back.
"On one condition." Cassie added. "After the date's over you promise to give my diary back." She said, holding out her pinkie finger.
"I promise Cassie." Lenny said, linking his pinkie with hers.
"Cool." Cassie smiled gratefully and the two ran off away from the park.
* * *
In the city Cassie and Lenny were next to a small balloon stand. Lenny had just passed Cassie a pink balloon for which she thanked him.
"Well, what do we do next?" Lenny asked.
"Um... You choose.It'll be good dating practice."
Lenny laughed nervously before saying,
"Well, there's a restaurant at the top of that building. You want to eat?" He asked.
"That sounds like a good idea." Cassie smiled as she linked arms with Lenny and they walked into the building.
The two walked into the restaurant with a waiter showing them to a table by the window. The restaurant was very busy. As they sat down they were handed menus. Then Cassie looked over at Lenny,
"I think there's a better view on the other side." She explained as she got up, Lenny following her.
"Wow, this is beautiful." Cassie sighed happily as she looked across the city.
"Yeah." Lenny agreed.
* * *
Down on the ground a great trumpeting roar erupted from the creature, resembling an elephant, that had appeared before the skyscraper that Professor phenomenous had stored his invention in. It also happened to be the same building that Lenny and Cassie were in. As the elephant collided with the building it moved slightly from it's foundation, causing the while building to tremble. The minster charged again, causing the building to shake. People were running down corridors, past falling bits of debris and avoiding sparks of electricity from broken lights.
"Come on. Come on, we gotta go." Lenny urged, grabbing Cassie's arm and pulling her along with him.
"No. You go.I'll catch up with you later." Cassie tried to tell Lenny.
"I can't... "Lenny began to say when a part of the ceiling above him collapsed, hitting him on the head and knocking him to the floor.
"Lenny!" Cassie cried out. " Lenny, come on let's go. Lenny! Lenny!" She called, slapping his face gently to try and wake him.
* * *
Carlos and Andros were playing a game of chess in surf spot with Ashley and TJ watching them when their morphers beeped. Checking to see that no one was around they hurried to a secluded area.
"Go ahead Maddison." TJ spoke into his morpher. Up on the ship Maddi was looking frantically at the viewing screen, alpha running around in the background.
"Elaphantitan is making trouble downtown. I'm in my way but you need to get there. Fast!" She informed them.
"We're on it." TJ replied. "Let's rocket!"
* * *
Astronema was stood before the building laughing at the chaos around her as elephantitan roared and charged at the building yet again.
The Rangers, Andros, Ashley, TJ and Carlos, faced the stream of terrified people leaving the building as it trembled and quaked.
"We gotta get these people out of here!" Andros ordered. Suddenly a voice from behind made them turn.
"Lets do this!" They turned to see the purple ranger racing towards them.
"Are you okay?" Ashley asked, crouching down to help a woman who had fallen. Then all five of them rushed towards the building but they were stopped by Astronema as she threw a bolt of energy at them from where she stood, on top of a neighboring building. They all fell to the ground groaning.
"Now, let's leave before that building goes over and toasts this whole scene."She smirked evilly before beaming back up to her ship.

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