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The Purple Ranger *Power Rangers in space* by lucypie555
The Purple Ranger *Power Rangers lucypie555
Maddison is a girl from planet KO-35. She is best friends with Andros , Zhane and Karone. When she was a young child Maddison had an accident causing her to forget her o...
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The Playgirl's Game by killinjanx
The Playgirl's Gameby bitchImJanxie
"So.. This guy is a target?" She pointed the picture in the profile with a frown. Her bestfriend nodded and continued," I know it's hard for you because o...
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Fairy of Solaria by Lumna10
Fairy of Solariaby Lumna
Unknown character.... I was awake in the attic hearing my father and step mother yelling from the study. "She is not going there period Countess Cassandra!" Ja...
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Neiben, Exi, Cilio, Andros by Estelawaterpolo
Neiben, Exi, Cilio, Androsby Estelawaterpolo
exi, Andros, Neiben, Cilio historias... no hay nada q decir, solo verlo por vosotros mismos AVISO: no son mias, son sacadas de instagram... bueno, leeros la primera pag...
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The Power of the Rangers by HiddenIdentityThanks
The Power of the Rangersby Ummm....
A bunch of one-shots about power rangers because why not? Power rangers are cool, right? The answer is right. But I don't really know what to write here so this is gonna...
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Andros + Ashley Lovebirds Forever! by ssprlover07
Andros + Ashley Lovebirds Forever!by Samara 💞
(Takes place after countdown to destruction) Andros and Ashley are now married and they don't have to be Rangers anymore! They go out on a date and have fun! Hope you gu...
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The Bad Girl Turns Ranger by BadWolf_BTR
The Bad Girl Turns Rangerby YoungDracFan007
This is the story about a girl who meets a boy in Silver. You guessed right! She meets Zhane the silver ranger and he might possible change her point of view on life. W...
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Power Rangers In Space (COMPLETED!) by Mal_AgentOfSHIELD
Power Rangers In Space (COMPLETED!)by Breanna
Ashely and Zhane were practicing levitation skills, but Zhane was teaching Ashely and Andros found out and started to hate Ashely and Zhane. But towards the climax Andro...
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Neiben, Exi,  Andros, Cilio , y tu by Estelahockey
Neiben, Exi, Andros, Cilio , y tuby Estela Sánchez
en el primer capitulo diré de que se trata (no es solo de acción)
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60 Flavors Of Ice-Cream by WolfieJennie
60 Flavors Of Ice-Creamby Jennie
Let's take our daughter to a lonely island in Greece to spend a month of the summer. Away from everything, her friends, her dance lessons, and her music. That's what Amb...
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La Vida De Una Suicida by SoniaToledoLpez
La Vida De Una Suicidaby HaadaLuunaGT
Valentina,es una niña hermosa,tiene 18 años y tiene una relacion muy toxica.Conoce a unas personitas,que son youtubers.Valentina dejara la vida de suicida y cambiara por...
Power Rangers Galaxy Squad by beyondsevenexokidsx
Power Rangers Galaxy Squadby ••hannie••
Earth has been taken over by invaders. With the universe under their thrall, the tears of the people awaken the nine ultimate saviors, chosen by the Animal Globes, and t...
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Winx Club: One shot full story's by Jessij123
Winx Club: One shot full story'sby NightFlame
It is not really one shots but story's put in a paragraph where you fill in the details, so I tell you what happens and you fill in the details The first one it is basic...
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Me olvidaste?-Exi X Tu (segunda temporada) by Maya135111
Me olvidaste?-Exi X Tu (segunda MayaAfter-SoulGreenWater-
Soy ___ estoy volviendo de Japon por cuestion de trabajo de mi hermana ???:_-___ ___:Eres tu? Warning: Vean la primera temporada
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A Era dos Andros by AlicioBs
A Era dos Androsby Alicio bom sucesso
Num futuro alternativo após a terceira e última grande guerra mundial o ser humano quase chegou a extinção, outra raça fruto de uma mutação genética dos próprio ser hum...
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The Quest by Theycallmemeggy
The Questby Moogan1319
Yet again the Winx face a terrible danger threat to the world. The Trix have escaped and have gotten even more powerful thanks to, Dimmer. Dimmer is one of the company o...
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Cambios de cuerpo / exidax y andros y tu/ by candeefriaas
Cambios de cuerpo / exidax y candelaria frias
En este libro encontraras la realidad y la expectactiva de las personas, pero no de cualquier persona, las peleas entre los mejores amigos, empeorara su vida y las relac...
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Ice Age by WnxCluB5521
Ice Ageby Hannah
"...earning Enchantix requires great sacrifice; without such you will never achieve your full potential as a fairy..." Tecna sacrificed, and earned her Enchant...
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The Ravaged of Ardonlea by AlicianaMaevnis
The Ravaged of Ardonleaby Julia Madison
Get to know the people of Andros. In a world ravaged with war and violence, everyone is bound to have a dark past.
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